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Expel insider

  • 2 min read

Meet us at Moscone… Expel makes its #RSAC debut!

For the first time, Expel is headed to RSA Conference as an exhibitor! Stop by our booth to meet the crew, snag some swag, meet Josie and Ruxie, and let us show you that security can be delightful.

  • 2 min read

How to quantify security ROI… for real

Measuring cybersecurity ROI can feel like trying to nail Jello to a tree — frustrating and unproductive. Take some of the guesswork out of the equation with our new interactive ROI calculator.

  • 3 min read

Great eXpeltations 2022: Cybersecurity trends and predictions

Introducing Great eXpeltations 2022: Cybersecurity trends and predictions — an annual report from our security operations center (SOC) on top threats, how to handle them, and what to expect this year.

  • 1 min read

ICYMI: Expel’s best [expletive] moments in 2021

Expel made some waves and unlocked achievements in 2021. Here’s a look back at our biggest moments last year, our newest resources, and a sneak peek of what’s in store for the year ahead.

  • 4 min read

More good news in still unusual times

We’ve reached a valuation over $1 billion thanks to our Series E fundraising round, led by CapitalG. Check out what our founders have to say about this exciting news and what’s next for Expel.

  • 2 min read

A tough goodbye

After serving as Expel’s CISO for nearly five years, Bruce Potter is on to his next adventure. We’re grateful for everything he’s done for us – and for not leaving without writing this farewell post.

  • 1 min read

Wow, they really like us

Expel is recognized as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Managed Detection And Response, Q1 2021 report. And our CEO – along with the whole Expletive crew – are pretty excited about it.

  • 3 min read

Introducing Expel Workbench™ for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

We’re excited to announce the launch of our first SaaS product! It automates the investigation of AWS alerts and logs – allowing your team to spend less time finding and fixing security issues.

  • 2 min read

Introducing Expel for phishing

Expel just introduced a new offering: Expel for Phishing! Lost in a sea of phishing emails? Find out how our product goes beyond automated triage and helps our customers come up for air.

  • 1 min read

Introducing 24x7 monitoring and response for Google Cloud Platform

Running a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) workload or thinking about integrating it into your security portfolio? Expel can help! We’ve officially launched our GCP 24x7 monitoring and response services.

  • 3 min read

Good news in unusual times

We’re thrilled and humbled to be taking on a new round of funding, this time led by CapitalG.

  • 4 min read

Judgment, relationships and gratitude

Yep, we secured a new round of funding. Here’s a look at where we’ve been, what we’ve learned and where we’re going on this journey (and a huge “thanks” to our supporters along the way).

No R&D
  • 11 min read

Why Expel doesn’t do R&D

Check out how we’re challenging ourselves to approach R&D (innovation) in a new way and not just cut and paste processes from our past just because "we’ve always done it that way."

  • 3 min read

‘Twas the Night Before RSAC

‘Twas the night before #RSAC, when all thro’ San Fran, No attacker was stirring, not even Shodan. The booths were all built, the swag was all there, In hopes that the hordes would -actually- care ...

  • 3 min read

Security for the other 99 percent

TL;DR: We got more money to keep doing the things we love doing. Huzzah! I will now rant a bit. Click away as you see fit.

Customer lessons learned
  • 7 min read

What our customers have taught us

After working with customers over the last year we’ve learned a whole lot more. Did we nail it?

Expel announcement
  • 3 min read

Ready. Set. Go. Welcome to Expel.

Wow, it’s launch day. We’ve been so heads-down over the past year and change, building tech and working with customers, it seems crazy to think we’re here. I’m really excited to tell you about what we’ve been up to. tl;dr:…

  • 2 min read

The security people’s guide to Expel’s exe blog

My colleagues and I at Expel are new here. You’ll be hearing quite a bit more about us in the future. So let me take just a couple minutes to introduce who we are and why you might care. Note I said who we are, not what we do.

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