Security operations
2023 Great eXpeltations report: top six findings

Bad news: 2022 was a big year in cybersecurity. Good news: We stopped a lot of attacks. Better news: We sure learned a lot, didn’t we? We just released our Great eXpeltations…

Security operations | 4 min read
The SOC organic

MDR should be organic, which means integrating the best available automation tech with the experience and insight of analysts who’ve been there, done that, and understand what customers need.

Security operations | 2 min read
Security PSA: SVB collapse presents ripe opportunity for counterparty fraud

Following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the resulting uncertainty, the opportunity for cyber fraud is massive. Here’s why it matters and what you can do now to protect your org.

Expel insider | 2 min read
How we built it: the Expel SOC-in-the-Sky

Curious what it takes to convert a multi-purpose room on the top floor of a hotel into an around-the-clock SOC? Check out how (and why) we created a “SOC-in-the-Sky” for our recent company kickoff.

Expel insider | 2 min read
How Expel’s BOLD ERG celebrated Black contributions to music for Black History Month

Expel observed Black History Month by celebrating Black musicians, artists, and business owners, and examining the history of Black art through music.

Expel insider | 2 min read
Head—and business—in the UK cloud(s)? We can help.

Expel is making it’s UK trade show debut at the Cloud & Cyber Security Expo Europe and we’re pretty excited about it, to say the least. Here’s where to find us and how to RSVP for our wind-down event.

Security operations | 3 min read
Kubernetes security: what to look for

If your org does application development, Kubernetes is part of the future. What should you look for when building or shopping for a Kubernetes security platform? Here are a few suggestions.

Security operations | 3 min read
Why MDR for Kubernetes is great news for your org

This post discusses how managed detection and response (MDR) for Kubernetes helps organizations relying on in-house application development.

Security operations | 2 min read
2023 Great eXpeltations report: top six findings

Our second annual Great eXpeltations report details the major trends our security operations center (SOC) team saw in customer environments last year. It also offers insights and advice to help you avoid these threats.

Security operations | 1 min read
Understanding the 3 Classes of Kubernetes Risk

The first step toward securing Kubernetes environments is understanding the risks they pose and identifying the ways in which those risks can be mitigated.

Security operations | 2 min read
Tell Dr. Kubernetes where it hurts

Kubernetes is growing rapidly, and for important reasons. Like many new technologies, though, it faces growing pains. In part 1 of a series, Dan Whalen outlines the most common Kubernetes challenges.

Tips | 7 min read
So you’ve got a multi-cloud strategy; here’s how to navigate four five common security challenges

Switching to a multi-cloud solution? Easy! Just kidding. Expel’s senior detection & response engineer shares some things you need to think about when going multi-cloud – and how to stay sane.

Tips | 2 min read
BEC and a “Visionary” scam

The lessons we learn in “real life” apply to the cyber world, and vice versa. You should take your sensitivity to the iffy product and service claims you encounter with you every day when you log in.