Trusted, vetted protection for your organization

We take the day-to-day detection and response work off your team, to create space for what matters the most

The challenges to safeguarding
your organization

Protecting your organization from the huge variety and volume of security threats
is not something most companies can do on their own.

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Limited resources

You may have a small team or lack the in-house expertise to mitigate threats across all of your attack surfaces

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Alert fatigue

Your team is triaging a high volume of false positives and alerts without context, leading to burnout and no time for strategic work that builds cyber resilience

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Slow time to value

You have a service that isn’t taking the work off your plate like it promised (because most MDR programs take months to show results)

How Expel can help

At Expel, we provide 24x7x365 MDR services to take the day-to-day detection and response work off your team.

You have full visibility into our process and security analysts’ actions. And if you don’t want to monitor each step, we’ll only notify you when items need your attention (allowing you to focus on other work).

You’ll get peace of mind, more time back, and stronger protection and recommendations to improve your security program along the way.

What our customers say

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Why Expel

At Expel, we’re dedicated to protecting your organization for you, so that you have peace of mind. Here’s how:

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Fast time-to-value

You can opt to either onboard almost completely independently, or take advantage of full-concierge style onboarding. Our team and tech ensure you are configured quickly.

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World-class detection and threat intelligence

We strengthen your security posture by adding Expel-written detections and optimize your existing detection strategy.

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Unrivaled visibility, context, and personalization

We provide you with 100% transparency, so you have the option to either see every step of an investigation or to be notified only when we need your feedback—the choice is entirely yours.

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Industry-leading protection

Regardless of which metric matters most to you, our technology powered SOC delivers unheard-of results and SLA/SLOs, so you improve efficiency, get answers fast, and benefit from 24×7 access to our experts.

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Proactive risk, resilience, and posture analysis

We continually recommend what you can do to minimize your exposure, save money, and improve efficiency. We identify next steps so you can focus on your top security challenges.

Ready to take the next steps with Expel MDR?

The choice is yours: see Expel in an on demand demo or set up a customized demo.