Optimize your SIEM security

Eliminate false positives, enrich alerts with context, and reduce storage costs.

Your SIEM challenges

Your security information and event management (SIEM) tech is a critical component of your security operations program, but leveraging your SIEM technology for threat detection and response comes with its challenges.

SIEM potential

You need to get more out of your SIEM investment by centralizing investigative data and enhancing threat detection capabilities.

Addressing SIEM
cost challenges

While SIEM offers invaluable insights, storage expenses can strain budgets, requiring careful optimization.

cybersecurity analyst alert fatigue icon

Mitigating SIEM-exacerbated alert fatigue

Too many SIEM alerts, false positives ,and unclear detection coverage make more work. And SIEMs require continuous monitoring and custom rules, adding to detection engineering overhead.

How Expel elevates your SIEM

Expel offers top-tier decision support for your SIEM. We enhance your alerts with our custom detections, aiding in incident detection and reducing false positives.

Our approach includes tuning assistance and context enrichment, leveraging SIEMs for automated investigation, threat hunting, and detection optimization.

With us, you gain insights into which SIEM detections are effective and recommendations for improvement.

Plus, our solution reduces storage costs by not mandating all data to be stored in the SIEM, providing flexibility as your tech stack evolves.

What our customers say

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Why Expel

At Expel, we’re here to protect your complex cloud environments. Here’s how we do it:

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Fast time-to-value

We work with your specific SIEM needs, with fast onboarding so you start seeing value in days, not months. We tailor your experience to your organization, environment, and goals.

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World-class detection and threat intelligence

Expel provides 24x7x365 coverage to detect and respond to any threat with our robust detection library, enabling you to reduce your SIEM detection engineering effort.

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Unrivaled visibility, context, and personalization

We enrich your SIEM alerts with context and provide 100% transparency into how we use your SIEM for detection and response.

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Industry-leading protection

Expel applies both automation and SOC expertise to deliver a 23-minute mean-time-to-response, leveraging your SIEM as a core investigative source for detection and response.

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Proactive risk, resilience, and posture analysis

We provide resilience recommendations for every alert, along with full access to our Resilience Library, to shift from reactive to proactive and make the most of your SIEM signal.

Ready to take the next steps with Expel MDR?

The choice is yours: see Expel in an on demand demo or set up a customized demo.