Dig into Expel MDR with an on-demand demo

A behind the scenes look at how we do MDR

Transparent security is always showing what we do and how we do it. So, here’s a behind the scenes look with an on-demand Expel MDR demo. See how we do things differently–and spend some time in our security operations platform, Expel Workbench™.

In this on-demand MDR demo you’ll see how we:

  • Rapidly detect and respond to a large volume of alerts
  • Deliver 24x7x365 coverage across all attack surfaces
  • Improve the overall ROI on your security investments
  • Provide reporting that tells you what happened and how to improve
  • Partner with you to strengthen your program
  • Show our investigations with 100% transparency

View the MDR demo

View the on-demand MDR demo to see how Expel:

Integrates with your tech stack adeptly analyzing alerts and raw data from endpoints, networks, the cloud, Kubernetes, SaaS, email, and more.


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Is automated, fast & accurate—Expel MTTR 23 minutes

Delivers seamless onboarding and configuration, providing rapid time to value (84% of our customers agree)

Facilitates cross-product detection and response across the widest breadth of attack surfaces (88% of customers agree*)