Make every security investment count

Optimize your cybersecurity tech. Support your team. Stretch your budget.

Cybersecurity isn’t something you can “cut down on.” There are more attack surfaces and threats to cover, and attackers are using a lot of the same tools and tactics you do.

You may have multiple layers of protection, but using it all isn’t always intuitive or cohesive. Are sub-optimized security tools leading to a burned out team, lack of visibility, and limiting your defenses? What if you could improve things and make it all work better and harder?

You can. It’s now about looking at what you have and extracting full capabilities (budget, people, tech, and processes).

What are your biggest cybersecurity resource challenges?

Your tech stack

You need to detect and respond to incidents sooner across all your tech to up-level your security

Your security team

You need to augment your team with insights, and always-on decision support, not more alerts, to let them focus on what matters

Your budget

You need to understand the ROI of your existing tech investments and resources, even while facing pressure to reduce costs

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Your growing attack surface

You need to secure a wider, more complex attack surface

Your changing security strategy

You need the flexibility to adapt your security strategy as quickly as your business evolves

Here’s how Expel can help

Discover Expel’s cutting-edge MDR services for unparalleled protection and transparency. Trust us to enhance your security program efficiencies, streamline processes, increase detection capabilities in multiple places across your threat landscape, and provide a structured and layered response.

With Expel, we’re not only helping you use your existing security tools to provide better defense in depth, with detection and awareness support, but we go one step further with response in depth: identifying root causes, showing you what you need to do, and leveraging automatic remediations to stop vulnerabilities on multiple fronts—with an MTTR of 23 minutes.

Powered by our SecOps platform, Expel Workbench™, our MDR capabilities deliver superior results through expert collaboration and automated remediations. Build trust with customers, partners, and employees with Expel’s comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.

What do our customers say?

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Seamless onboarding and configuration

84% of our customers agree that Expel’s onboarding and configuration experience is seamless

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World-class detection and threat intelligence

90% of Expel customers agree their ability to identify security threats and risks improved since deploying Expel

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Unrivaled transparency and customization

52% of Expel users say transparency into investigation process was most valuable to them

Single view, comprehensive visibility and management

91% of customers agree Expel provides a breadth of visibility across attack surfaces

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Forward-looking risk mitigation

95% agree Expel has helped them improve their security posture

Automated, fast & accurate

76% agree Expel’s detections reduce the detection engineering effort required for their team

What customers love about Expel

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