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Q3 Threat Report. SOC trends to take action on | Take a tour of Expel MDR for Cloud Infrastructure


An irreverent crew focused on helping our customers love security, rebelling against the status quo and getting $#*! done

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How we got started

(not in a garage… but in a barn)

It was a tweet. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Seriously, when co-founders Dave Merkel, Yanek Korff and Justin Bajko saw @rickhholland tweet back in late 2015 that MSSP customers had endured “the customer service equiv. of taxi drivers” they saw an opportunity.

What we found

(alerts without any good answers)

Digging deeper, we saw three big problems that were dragging the security industry down.

  • Too many confusing security products delivering reams of alerts
  • Not enough security talent to prioritize the alerts and effectively manage the risk
  • MSSPs who had failed to deliver on their promises

And there were no good solutions. Some companies were looking at managed detection and response (MDR) providers – but MDRs added a new expense without replacing MSSPs. Most customers were suffering in silence with no alternative.

“I think the MSSP market is ripe for disruption. Many have had the customer service equiv of taxi drivers, customers aren’t happy.”

Rick Holland @rickhholland

Our vision

(it’s a bit unorthodox but we DO believe that you can love security)

Remember how IT used to run wires and rack servers? Thanks to cloud computing and web services they don’t do that anymore.

But if you’re in security you still spend the majority of your time in the weeds massaging alerts and operating products. Or worse, you can’t afford (or find) the people and technology to even do that.

We want to flip that equation and create space for you to do what you love about security (even if that’s thinking about it as littleas possible).

Our approach

(so radical we had to talk ourselves into it)

We think our approach is pretty unique. It starts with transparency. We’re busting up the proprietary black-box approach that MSSPs and MDR providers take. In our hold-your-cards-close-to-your-chest industry that’s the radical part.

Here’s what we do…

  1. We use the security products you’ve already bought
  2. Our analysts investigate alerts and monitor your environment
  3. When we find a problem we tell you exactly what to do about it
  4. We also tell you how to fix the root cause of problems that happen over and over

…that’s it!

Transparency means that you can look behind the curtain while we’re doing ^this^ and see anything (or everything) our analysts are doing for you 24x7 while they’re doing it. Heck, we’ve even built it so you can even jump in and work collaboratively with our analysts if you want. Either way, we’ll give you answers to these questions (not more alerts).

What’s happening in my environment?

What do I need to care about and why?

How do I resolve this incident?

How can I become more resilient?


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