Solve your M&A cybersecurity challenges

Get the visibility you need to assess and protect from Day 1.

During an M&A or divestiture: Expel can help assess and protect the new and old you

Rapid growth and change is never more apparent than during an MA&D. It’s exciting, but with it comes underlying concerns. One of the biggest: protecting both orgs during the transition—and after.

Cybersecurity due diligence during M&As: what are your biggest challenges?

Your M&A (or MA&D) transactions present easy entry points

During transactions, threat actors target third-party compromises to exploit larger targets, capitalizing on the vulnerability during the process

You must protect sensitive data—now and later

Merging (or separating) entities means making sure data remains secure and private while in motion

You don’t know what you do–and don’t–have

With low network visibility, unknown tools, access control gaps, and no unified view for existing and new tec

You have differing levels of cyber maturity

When a security-mature org merges with one that’s less so, unexpected vulnerabilities can be unintentionally introduced

You need to reduce complexity

Getting your arms around all the disparate systems, including cloud-based, can seem overwhelming, costly, time-consuming, and maybe even impossible

You want to minimize third-party risk

Ensuring that security controls are in place is essential to mitigate vendor risks and maintain a secure environment

M&A cybersecurity: Don’t forget about cybersecurity in divestitures

Divestiture security has its own concerns. Here’s where it differs.

  • Managing time constraints – security teams must work within the timeframe established in the “transition services agreement,” putting more pressure on both sides
  • No “status quo” – with no existing infrastructure, the new company being spun off must stand on its own and build a new security tech stack
  • The need to build, or buy, a SOC – to effectively manage and mitigate alerts, the new organization must consider building, buying, or partially outsourcing a SOC to stay proactive

Expel can help add value and control risk throughout the M&A process

Whether it’s a merger, an acquisition, or a divestiture, secure it from Day 1. Gain a flexible, fast approach to ease the transition. Quickly uncover what security tech is working, what’s redundant, what to keep, and what to cut.

Get consolidated, single-view visibility and management within hours, across a multitude of systems and applications—from cloud to ground—so you can mitigate and reduce your risk. And use tech you have to do it–fast–with Expel Managed Detection and Response (MDR).

Integrate with your tech stack

With 100+ integrations (and more coming), get more out of what you have today (or plan to build tomorrow)

Quick visibility

Onboard your own tech in as little as minutes (with initial alerts flowing within 24 hours), just like 88% of our customers

SOC augmentation and support

We’ll reduce the pressure on your current SOC team (and reduce attrition) or stand in while you build up a new team

A personalized solution

500+ configurable settings (what you need, when you need it)

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