Simplifying your multi-cloud security with Expel

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Managing security across multiple clouds is a complex job. And the security tools provided by cloud service providers can add to the noise by generating a never-ending barrage of alerts (and very little context).

Expel MDR’s powerful automation filters out the noise, detecting suspicious activity, and prioritizing the alerts for real incidents.

Learn how Expel helps with your multi-cloud challenges.

Managing security across multiple clouds introduces a whirlwind of complexity

With 71% of organizations now supporting multiple clouds, the list of tech that security teams need to understand keeps growing. And if you’re relying on your cloud service provider security tools, you’re probably getting a lot of alerts and very little context.

Expel is an extension of your security team, focused on eliminating your cloud security challenges. Expel Managed Detection and Response (MDR) integrates directly with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) clouds, as well as additional cloud security technology. And, if you’re running containerized workloads in the cloud, we protect Kubernetes environments too.

Plus, we give you visibility into your cloud environments fast, no matter how many cloud providers you use. Once connected to your cloud resources, Expel’s security operations platform starts ingesting your cloud logs and alerts right away. Expel then augments your existing cloud provider’s security capabilities with hundreds of Expel-written detection rules, ensuring important security incidents don’t get missed.

In fact, 98% of cloud security incidents seen by Expel’s SOC analysts were caught by Expel-written detection rules.

How we do this

Through powerful automation, our platform filters out all the noise [and] detecting suspicious activity by prioritizing the alerts for real incidents. And the platform doesn’t stop there. It then adds relevant context for analysts to review, resolve, or escalate to your team with lightning speed.

The result

You get fewer alerts, less incidents, faster response, improved security, peace of mind, and more time back.

So let Expel help you.

We solve your multi-cloud challenges by:

  1. Getting you onboarded quickly through direct connections to your clouds
  2. Prioritizing the alerts that matter
  3. Augmenting your security team so they can focus on more impactful work
  4. Providing cloud and security expertise so you don’t have to train your staff on security for every cloud environment

Learn how you can simplify your multi-cloud security with Expel—security that makes sense.™

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