Complete cloud detection and response

We make cloud security easy with coverage from CWPP to the CNAPP and the Control Plane

Your cloud security challenges

In 2023, the Expel SOC saw a 72% increase in cloud infrastructure incidents.
And as these threats grow, your team must stay on top of multiple cloud environments, databases, and policies,
which require valuable time and specific expertise.

Cloud security gaps

Your cloud vendors only provide you with cloud security tools that send too many alerts and not enough context to help you prioritize and respond.

Lack of holistic coverage

There are gaps within cloud security products and the cloud control plane itself, with no single-point vendor offering holistic coverage across every disparate cloud workload.

Most MDRs don’t focus on cloud threats

Most MDRs primarily focus on the endpoint and SIEM, with secondary focus on other surfaces, leaving SecOps teams to secure cloud workloads and infrastructure on their own.

How Expel can help with detection and response for cloud services

Expel integrates directly with cloud native application protection platforms (CNAPPs), cloud workload protection platforms (CWPPs) and Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Azure control planes—cloud control services and Kubernetes infrastructures—to deliver holistic cloud detection and response.

By delivering real-time monitoring of cloud security products, cloud workloads, and the control plane itself, Expel is able to gain unparalleled security services and insight into your cloud environments to identify and stop cloud threats before they escalate.

What our customers say

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Why Expel

At Expel, we’re here to protect your complex cloud environments. Here’s how we do it:

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Fast time-to-value

Whether you’re enabling an integration with CNAPPs, cloud infrastructures, Kubernetes, or SaaS, we develop prescriptive onboarding plans that meet you where you are, so that you receive the right support across your cloud, or multi-cloud environment.

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World-class detection and threat intelligence

Expel offers the most comprehensive, well-balanced cloud detection coverage in the industry, with an extensive portfolio of detections written for all types of cloud environments as well as detections for specific cloud products.

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Unrivaled visibility, context, and personalization

Expel correlates across cloud events to eliminate security gaps and provides visibility across your entire cloud environment. You see how your cloud security strengthens over time, recommendations for improvement, and how you align with industry frameworks.

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Industry-leading protection

Expel provides unrivaled visibility, threat detection and response, and proactive hunting across your cloud environments for more holistic coverage, coupled with extensive cloud expertise to level up your team.

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Proactive risk, resilience, and posture analysis

No matter where you are in your cloud journey, Expel enables you to secure all of your clouds from day one, all with recommendations to continuously improve resilience and build trust.

Ready to take the next steps with Expel MDR?

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