Security-enabled innovation and cloud trends report from Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)

Survey says cloud security fosters trust and enables new business models; but can everyone see this?

Commissioned by Expel and developed by Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), this report captures the perspectives of over 1,000 IT and security professionals from a diverse range of organizations.

The report aims to untangle the intricate relationship between security and innovation—shedding light on how security is perceived within the organizational framework, its role in driving innovation, outcomes of security-enabled innovation, and other cloud use trends.

In the report, CSA covers the top five trends in cloud security and how practitioners and leadership can align to achieve the best results across your org.

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CSA’s top 5 findings:

  • Security is viewed an enabler of innovation, but C-suite and staff are disconnected in this vision
  • Orgs are realizing desired outcomes through security-enabled innovation
  • Multi-cloud adoption is a double-edged sword that brings strengths but also cost & resource management challenges to the table
  • A shocking number of orgs are migrating workloads from the cloud back to on-prem
  • Kubernetes & containers are taking center stage

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The survey results indicate a surprising trend: 59% of organizations have moved workloads back on-premises from the cloud, with most of these transitions occurring within the past 12 months (34%).”

⎯Security-Enabled Innovation and Cloud Trends: Survey Report, Cloud Security Alliance

Another noteworthy insight from the survey points to the rising prominence of Kubernetes…as per the data, 28% of the organizations have fully transitioned all their applications to Kubernetes, while 57% have migrated some.”

⎯Security-Enabled Innovation and Cloud Trends: Survey Report, Cloud Security Alliance

A majority of organizations (71%) are utilizing two or more cloud environments, demonstrating a strategic shift towards a diversified cloud landscape.”

⎯Security-Enabled Innovation and Cloud Trends: Survey Report, Cloud Security Alliance