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Expel Security Operations Center (SOC)

In the demanding environment of Security Operations Centers, security teams must ensure their attack surfaces are secure, 24×7, making burnout a sure thing. SOC teams struggle with alert fatigue, talent shortages, constant pressure, and no time for more impactful strategic work.

Meanwhile, security leaders are challenged with the uphill battle of hiring, training, and retaining talent, leading to even more resource constraints.

Expel’s SOC team lightens your team’s load by triaging, investigating, and responding to threats with unrivaled transparency into the decision-making steps throughout the incident lifecycle. This not only restores valuable time but also provides your team with the necessary insights needed to cultivate trust in our SOC team’s expertise.

World-class MDR service delivery that boosts your security posture


Our automation and AI filters out false positives, which gives our analysts space to only focus on the high-fidelity alerts that matter. The SOC reviews the alert, understands the scope, assigns its severity, and determines its impact and next steps.


Our SOC leverages the intelligence and context gathered from our security operations platform to quickly understand the full story of an alert and begin the investigation to understand what happened and how to remediate.


You get real-time visibility into our SOC’s investigation so that you always know what’s happening across your environment plus get direct access to our SOC during an investigation.


We’ll provide clear remediation actions on what you need to do to remediate the threat, or we can facilitate auto-remediation on your behalf


You’ll get a report on the who, what, where, when, and why of an incident so you know exactly what happened, and what our expert SOC analysts did to fix it so you can easily communicate with your stakeholders.


Our SOC not only helps you detect and respond to the cyber threats in your environment today, but we also help advise on how you can build cyber resilience into your security program so you shift from reactive to proactive and improve your security posture.

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