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Expel Workbench™ automation and AI accelerate MTTR

Expel MDR improves transparency into your threat exposure and builds cyber resilience

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Your security operations center (SOC) needs answers—fast—but with the sheer volume of alerts, high false positive rates, and lack of context, analysts are burning out, investigating benign threats, and trying to piece together all of the disparate events from an incident.

Expel MDR is technology-driven MDR. It enables our SOC analysts to work more efficiently and deliver industry-leading results to you, sooner. This is because Expel’s security operations platform, Expel Workbench™, provides faster, more informed triage and investigations through automation and AI. The result is a reduction in the manual workload of SOC analysts, creating more engaged security teams, and ultimately delivering better results for our customers.

Expel Managed Security, powered by
Expel Workbench


We ingest and normalize the telemetry from your security tools to rapidly analyze all the alerts in your environment—along with the billions of alerts we analyze across our platform—to quickly determine what’s just noise and what requires attention.


We apply expert-written detection logic (aligned to the MITRE ATT&CK Framework) that is continuously written and tuned based on the threats we see across our entire platform to filter out false positives and detect events point products can’t on their own.


Our security operations platform enriches high-fidelity alerts with meaningful context (the who, what, where, when, and why) to take the guesswork out of investigations and correlate events across your tech stack, plus the events we see across our entire platform, so your security team sees the complete incident picture.


Our tech and people then leverage the context already gathered by our platform to speed the investigation process and validate, triage, and identify the root cause of the event so you know exactly what happened, all in real-time.


We provide clear response actions for every alert so that you can quickly contain and mitigate a threat—or we can auto-remediate for you from our arsenal of response actions. Our automation and AI enable us to deliver answers to you faster—a 23-minute MTTR.


Our tech not only enables you to rapidly detect and respond to threats, but we offer resilience recommendations to help you up-level your security operations team up-level your security program, along with benchmark reporting to measure how you’re improving over time.

Expel: revolutionizing security operations with unprecedented results

Our tech-based approach to MDR enables us to deliver answers to you faster


undetected breaches
across 500+ billion alerts ingested annually


in MTTR with auto-remediation


of alerts
detected by Expel before point products


mean-time-to-respond (MTTR)

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