Achieve world-class security operations metrics

Our tech-driven approach to MDR continuously improves SOC performance as it ingests more telemetry

Your security operations challenges

As your tech stack expands, your security team faces growing difficulties

New tools and surfaces to monitor

The workload and complexity are increasing, demanding more time from your security team for thorough assessment and investigation.

Reporting on your SecOp program's performance is complicated

Multiple data sources contribute to your SOC metrics, requiring consolidation to provide meaningful insights to stakeholders.

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Your SOC is struggling to keep pace with this expansion

Alert fatigue means the metrics used to gauge security program effectiveness—like mean-time-to-detect (MTTD), mean-time-to-respond (MTTR), or mean-time-to-remediate—inevitably rise, cyber threats linger longer, heightening your exposure to risk.

How we help with SecOps

Expel’s automation and AI empowers our SOC analysts to deliver faster response actions, enhancing your security program metrics, including mean time to detect.

Thanks to our purpose-built security operations platform, Expel Workbench™, Expel MDR automates tasks that other MDR providers do manually. Leveraging AI learning, we optimize incident filtering, prioritization, severity scoring, and reporting.

As we ingest more telemetry, our precision improves, consistently accelerating your mean-time-to-detect and other critical SOC metrics.

What our customers say

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Why Expel

At Expel, we combine the best of people and technology to deliver an industry-leading MDR service.

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Fast time-to-value

We make it easy to onboard and configure your technology, so you realize value quickly from our security operations platform’s threat intelligence, with the flexibility to evolve your tech stack.

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World-class detection and threat intelligence

We continuously write detections based on new threats and what we see across our platform, providing you with coverage for emerging threats before they impact your business.

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Unrivaled visibility, context, and personalization

Expel Workbench provides 100% transparency into all of our automations and detections, providing you with visibility into exactly what we do and how we speed up your response times.

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Industry-leading protection

We ingest billions of events monthly, cover millions of endpoints and users, and leverage automation to strategically filter out noise to achieve a mean-time-to-response (MTTR) of 23 minutes.

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Proactive risk, resilience, and posture analysis

You continuously receive resilience recommendations on how you can shift your program from reactive to proactive, and benefit from the automation and intelligence of our platform.

Ready to take the next steps with Expel MDR?

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