Google cloud security 24x7x365

Managed detection and response across your Google Cloud

Your Google Cloud security challenges

You need to maximize your investment with Google Cloud, but all this is keeping you from doing it.

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Alert fatigue

Overwhelmed, and sifting through large amounts of logs and alerts to identify what matters

Lack of cloud expertise

You may not have or need to augment your team with cloud expertise to optimize your cloud security

Complete detection coverage

Ensuring you have detection coverage across all stages of the attack lifecycle

How Expel can help with Google Cloud security

Our expert-written detections are written specifically for the Google Cloud environment. Our platform ingests billions of events, and we continuously write new and tune existing detections based on the threats and activity we see across our platform.

We augment your existing Google Cloud detections as well as correlate your Google alerts with other events so you see the most complete story of an incident with clear remediation actions.

Plus, we’ll give you ongoing recommendations on how you can level-up your overall security program with 100% transparency into how we’re securing your Google Cloud tech.

What our customers say

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Why Expel

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Seamless onboarding and configuration

Rapid deployment within hours and 120 integrations to connect with your technology stack from cloud (including Kubernetes) to ground

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World class detection and threat intelligence

Get a full picture across your environment with powerful automation and AI that filters out noise and prioritizes security alerts from real incidents

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Unrivaled transparency and customization

You choose what to protect—everything, or just what you need—and get real-time, visibility into our people and technology

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Industry-leading protection across all metrics

24x7x365 world-class service delivery with zero undetected breaches across +500 billion alerts ingested annually

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Proactive risk, resilience and posture analysis

No black box of uncertainty—we partner with you to learn about your environment and proactively let you know how you’re doing, improving, and reducing risk.

Ready to take the next steps with Expel MDR?

The choice is yours: see Expel in an on demand demo or set up a customized demo.