MITRE ATT&CK in GCP: A defender’s cheat sheet & mind map kit

Take the guesswork out of cloud investigations

GCP and MITRE ATT&CK tactics – you’ve got those down.

But how does the classic MITRE ATT&CK framework map to the hundreds of services a crafty attacker might use to infiltrate in GCP?

Insert our new cheat sheet – a handy resource to help you identify potential attacks and map them to MITRE ATT&CK tactics.

You can even use it to identify risky activity and behaviors that can indicate compromise and require remediation.

GCP cheat sheet LP

When you download this kit, you’ll get:

  • The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) mind map for alert triage, investigations, and incident response
  • A defender’s cheat sheet to serve as a guide for how to use the mind map and to better understand the tactics, techniques, and API calls that could be involved in an attack
  • An editable mind map that your SOC analysts can use during investigations

Download the GCP Mind Map