MITRE ATT&CK in Microsoft Azure: Expel Mind Map Kit

Adversaries are ramping up their cloud attacks–get a tool to help keep up

Microsoft Azure and MITRE ATT&CK tactics are familiar to anyone working in cybersecurity.

But how does the classic MITRE ATT&CK framework map to the hundreds of services a crafty attacker might use to infiltrate in Azure?

Attackers will find myriad ways to infiltrate your security infrastructure, but we can help with this kit.

This handy resource maps where attackers are getting in, and how to connect them to MITRE ATT&CK tactics, to help keep your team ahead of the bad guys.

A cheatsheet to help your org protect against MITRE ATT&CK in Microsoft Azure

When you download this kit, you’ll get:

  • The Microsoft Azure mind map, which connects Azure and MITRE ATT&CK tactics
  • A defender’s cheat sheet, to serve as a guide for how to use the mind map and to better understand the tactics, techniques, and API calls that could be involved in an attack
  • An editable mind map you can customize for your own SOC analysts to use during their investigations

MITRE ATT&CK Azure Mind Map Kit