Azure Guidebook:

Building a detection & response strategy

Got a few (or many) workloads running in Microsoft Azure?

We know that sorting through Azure’s hundreds of services is no easy feat.

So … where do you start and how do you make sense of it all?

If you’re new to Microsoft Azure – or you want to pour some “Go Fast” on the process of setting up your security monitoring in this popular cloud platform – we’ve got your back.

After reading this guide, you’ll have a better understanding of:

  •  The available sources of logging and alert data in Azure;
  •  How (and why and when) to use those logs;
  •  Other types of logging you’ll need to pair with those security signals to set your analysts up for success; and
  •  A few of the lessons we’ve learned setting up Azure security signal (Hint: You can use these to inform and tweak your own security monitoring activities!).



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