Azure guidebook: building a detection & response strategy for your Microsoft tools

How properly using Azure cloud security products enables a stronger security signal

Use Microsoft Azure for your cloud security monitoring? This guidebook is for you.

Microsoft offers hundreds of services to cover all your cloud security in Azure needs. But understanding and utilizing all these services is easier said than done.

As the leading MDR, Expel has helped companies of all shapes and sizes—including those who use Microsoft Azure—analyze security signals in relation to their business.

To support that, we’ve developed this guidebook to give you a better understanding of:

  • The available sources of logging and alert data in Azure
  • How (and why and when) to use those logs
  • Other types of logging you’ll need to pair with those security signals to set your analysts up for success
  • Lessons we’ve learned setting up Azure security monitoring, so you can strengthen its security signal

This guidebook will help you understand how to use Azure cloud security products to strengthen your security strategy.



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