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Q2 Threat Report. SOC trends to take action on | Take a tour of Expel MDR for Cloud Infrastructure


your cloud(s)

Detection and response tailored to AWS, Azure and GCP

If any of these sound like you, chances are we can help.

You’re “moving to the cloud” but don’t (yet) have the tech or people to watch it

Developers with credit cards are building things in the cloud that you can’t see

Your cloud services are sending you alerts but you’re not sure what to do with them

You’ve built a custom app in AWS and it’s time to get serious about securing it

24x7 detection and response for …

Keeping up with what “good” looks like when it comes to chasing down risky activity across your cloud infrastructure providers can be a full-time job.

See how Expel compares to a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach.

Capability Do it yourself
Monitoring 24x7 detection and response Whatever you can staff
Cloud skills and talent We hire, train and motivate a team with cloud-specific skills You find, hire and retain the team
Analyst playbooks We develop playbooks, then manage globally and locally You create and maintain all of these processes
Detection strategy We tailor detection strategies to each cloud provider
Alert triage We detect and triage alerts that matter in minutes
Investigations We chase risky activity down and tell you exactly what to do
Log enrichment Our bot, Ruxie™, adds context to alerts so we resolve ‘em faster
Researching new cloud services Our detection and response team evaluates new capabilities as cloud providers roll them out
Remediation guidance We’ll tell you what occurred and how to fix the problem
Resilience recommendations We’ll recommend how to prevent recurring incidents

What does 24x7 detection and response for AWS, Azure and GCP include?

Expel ingests your events and log data from AWS, Azure and GCP and enriches it with context that’s specific to your environment(s). Then, we continuously look for indicators of attacker behavior.

When something’s suspicious, we investigate and tell you what happened and what you need to do about it (in plain English).

alert-to-fix time

We’ll triage alerts in minutes and respond to most suspicious behavior in less time than it takes to deliver a pizza.

Get an added layer
of cloud security

Our detection and response strategy adds another layer of security and is tailored to each cloud provider.

Free up your
analysts’ time

Since we’re chasing down your alerts, your team can focus on security risks unique to your business.

Fix the
root cause

We package up details on recurring events, tell you how to fix them and the business impact.

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