24/7 decision support for answers, not alerts

MDR that safeguards your cloud, Kubernetes, on-prem, and SaaS environments

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Get answers, not alerts

We provide 24/7 MDR services across cloud, Kubernetes, SaaS and on-prem. Through a software-driven approach, our MDR services eliminate the noise and prioritize what matters to your business with speed, accuracy and transparency.

Resolve incidents faster with an automated approach

Our managed detection and response service is powered by our security operations platform, Expel Workbench™. Once you connect your tech, alerts are analyzed by the Expel Workbench platform with an alert review of less than 1 minute. We’ll add context, enrich with intel and assess the risk to auto-remediate or send to an analyst for further investigation. You get the best of both technology and people—all with an average MTTR of only 22 minutes.

Connect your current Tenable or Rapid7 Scanner

Integrate the tech you already have

Connect your tech — no agents, new hardware (or even a SIEM). We’ll apply custom detections and learnings to gain deeper insight and improve ROI.

Get the right automation at the right time

We automate logs, alerts and can auto-remediate on your behalf, or we’ll provide full resilience recommendations for you to resolve.

Filter out noise with context

Our Security Operations Center investigates only the interesting events that require further analysis, so you get immediate answers to the alerts that matter the most.

Strengthen detection and response with Expel Vulnerability Prioritization

Get transparency all day, every day

Get complete visibility into the investigation process through real-time alerts when incidents arise and intuitive reporting to prevent the risk from occurring again.

24/7 detection and response across attack surfaces

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Whether you’re cloud-native or migrating, we offer custom detection and response strategies for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Secure your cloud infrastructure
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We’ll integrate with your Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) environments to monitor and secure your clusters.

Secure your Kubernetes environment
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SaaS Applications

Our custom detections for SaaS applications will give you insight into who’s logging in, from where, and when, across your entire organization.

Secure your SaaS applications
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Transform your SIEM, endpoint, and network alerts from noise into answers. Our MDR services for on-prem detections spot credential theft, ransomware, hijacking, and more.

Protect against common threats
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Expel MDR

Alert-to-fix timeline with investigation details from initial alert to remediation (and each step along the way)

Expel-written detection rules based on simulated and real-life attacks to continuously improve our MTTR

Threat-specific reporting with attack diagrams, maps, and timelines specific to threats like commodity malware

Response details after our analysts investigate, giving you detailed reports with clear actions

Detailed resilience recommendations with clear guidance on how to improve and get at the root cause of repeated incidents

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Set up a time to see how we distill alerts to a manageable number; how we review alerts, respond, remediate, and help you build resilience.

And how our median alert-to-fix timelines are shorter than the time it takes to deliver a pizza.

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