The security people’s guide to Expel’s exe blog

· 2 MIN READ · DAVE MERKEL · AUG 24, 2017 · TAGS: Announcement / Company news

“Remember that time we started an information security company?”

Yeah, yeah I do. Twice. Who would do that, you ask? Who would first commit one of the classic blunders(quick recap for those that don’t know the list, they are: 1) land wars in Asia, 2) mixing death and Sicilians, and slightly less well known 3) building endpoint security products) AND THEN jump back into “the cybers” for another go-round? Me, I guess. I’m that guy. I’m the guy that also commits the rarely cited, but oh so true, fourth classic blunder: volunteer to write the first post of a new blog. By “volunteer” I, of course, mean “failed to outrun marketing.”

Hi everyone, I’m merk (this is where you say “hi merk”). My given name is David, and I’ve occasionally been called Dave, but if you want to get my attention in a crowded room to, say, get you another beer, I recommend sticking with “merk”. No caps please, it cramps my style.

My colleagues and I at Expel are new here. You’ll be hearing quite a bit more about us in the future. So let me take just a couple minutes to introduce who we are and why you might care. Note I said who we are, not what we do. We’re not quite ready to talk about that yet, but stay tuned.

I should probably start using buzzwords here, like luminary or perhaps ninjaWorld renowned and market-leading should also show up. However, who we are could best be summed up as not those people. We do what we do because we love information security, love helping our customers, love working with each other, or some combination of all three. We’re not big fans of how information security companies talk about themselves, but we are big fans of cool infosec things, whether they’re new technologies, attack methods, intelligence analysis, or even just lessons learned from a hard day at the office… and holy crap do I have a ton of those. My best stories usually start out like this: “Let me tell you about the time I screwed this thing up…”

One thing I didn’t screw up: the team we have here at Expel: sharp developers, analysts, seasoned security veterans and business professionals. They’re all way smarter than I am, and it turns out they have some pretty interesting things to say. So we’re creating this blog as a forum for you to hear a bit more from them. They don’t want to spend time talking about Expel, per se. They want to spend time talking about information security, about those “aha!” and “oh yeah!” moments we have while we pursue our passion for protecting our customers. And occasionally, those “oh shh….” moments when we screw something up. Hopefully, you can take an executable tidbit out of everything we say – a tip, trick, technique – something to make your information security world easier, better, or more fun.

Come along with us. Bookmark our exe blog, tell your friends and engage us on the socials (twitterinstagramchat or whatever you crazy kids are using these days, marketing link here because they made me: follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter). And please, please let me know if any of us use the phrase global market-leading cybersecurity company. Anyone caught doing that buys the next round.

Oh yeah, and we’re hiring!