Expel insider | 1 min read
Introducing 24×7 monitoring and response for Google Cloud Platform

Running a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) workload or thinking about integrating it into your security portfolio? Expel can help! We’ve officially launched our GCP 24x7 monitoring and response services.

Expel insider | 3 min read
Good news in unusual times

We’re thrilled and humbled to be taking on a new round of funding, this time led by CapitalG.

Expel insider | 4 min read
Judgment, relationships and gratitude

Yep, we secured a new round of funding. Here’s a look at where we’ve been, what we’ve learned and where we’re going on this journey (and a huge “thanks” to our supporters along the way).

Expel insider | 3 min read
Security for the other 99 percent

TL;DR: We got more money to keep doing the things we love doing. Huzzah! I will now rant a bit. Click away as you see fit.

Expel insider | 7 min read
What our customers have taught us

After working with customers over the last year we’ve learned a whole lot more. Did we nail it?

Expel insider | 3 min read
Ready. Set. Go. Welcome to Expel.

tl;dr: Today, we’re announcing the first completely transparent managed security service. (3 min read)

Expel insider | 2 min read
The security people’s guide to Expel’s exe blog

Let us take just a couple minutes to introduce who we are and why you might care. Note: we said who we are, not what we do. (2 min read)