Bridging the risk and cybersecurity gap with Visa and Expel

· 2 MIN READ · DAN WEBB · OCT 2, 2023 · TAGS: Company news / MDR

Expel and Visa have entered into a strategic partnership to utilize MDR for both Visa as a customer and for their clients to mitigate cybersecurity risk.

When most people hear Visa, they think of credit cards, payments, and rewards points. It’s time to add cybersecurity to that list. Yes, cybersecurity. I’ll explain why.

To provide some background, today, Expel announced a partnership with Visa. This doesn’t mean we’re getting a deal on our business card payments (although, that wouldn’t be the worst). We’ve entered into this strategic partnership to help Visa’s clients manage their cybersecurity risk.

If you don’t already know about Expel and just found out about us because of this announcement–here’s a really quick explanation: Expel, powered by our security operations platform, offers managed detection and response (MDR), remediation, phishing, vulnerability prioritization, and threat hunting. Visa thought this would be a pretty cool solution to add to their existing tech stack, became a customer, and they’ve decided it would be great for their clients, too.

Expel® MDR brings additional cybersecurity capabilities to Visa’s value-added services portfolio as they sign on as a referral partner for their customers. This helps Visa protect its clients from emerging cyber threats. The ever-changing and ever-expanding threat landscape is a huge contributor to risk faced by organizations, globally. Expel and Visa want to connect these two worlds with this partnership to show the value of a strong cybersecurity framework to mitigate risk.

Who better to explain the value than James Mirfin, Global Head of Visa’s Risk and Identity Solutions:

“On average, businesses across the globe lose more than $4 million per year as a result of cyber crime, resources that can be used to increase innovation and address needs in the market. As customers deal with an ever-expanding range of threats, they’re asking Visa for solutions to help them better manage their risk holistically, including cyber risk. The partnership with Expel will allow us to provide a more holistic security offering to new and existing clients across the network.”

You can certainly read more about the partnership, and learn why Visa sees Expel as an important security operations option for its clients in Visa’s press release.

So why is this important? Cybersecurity and risk are inherently linked, but too many of these teams are disconnected, have different priorities, are insanely busy, and don’t always understand how their tech can work together. So we’re hitting the road with Visa to help security and risk teams get a better understanding of their roles and be better together.

The net-net: the Chief Risk Officer (CRO) is always aware of what could happen, and everything must be secured by the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). It’s the things in between that are critical as the CRO’s job gets harder without a strong security “umbrella” to shield the organization from the risk. (Big shoutout to the Visa team for that analogy!) It’s imperative that these two leaders, and their teams, share contextual data and information to fill this security gap.

We’re stoked about this partnership, can’t wait to learn more about connecting these teams, and it’s awesome to have Visa as a new customer so they can extend their best practices to their clients as they continue to strengthen their security with Expel.

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