New partner program grows businesses, brands, relationships


Expel’s new partner emphasis drives tremendous value for collaborating partners and customers.

If you’ve ever heard that “teamwork makes the dream work”—well, we agree. We can also agree that the best companies rely on strong partner ecosystems. That’s why, as we truly focus on being partner-first, we’re unveiling a new and more dynamic partner program.

Let’s start with…the why.

Partnerships are the backbone of the cybersecurity industry—with more than 90% of security solutions transacted and/or serviced by partners. So it’s obviously important to have a clear partner strategy.

According to IDC:

Investments in hardware, software, and services related to cybersecurity are expected to reach nearly $300 billion in 2026, driven by the ongoing threat of cyberattacks, the demands of providing a secure hybrid work environment, and the need to meet data privacy and governance requirements.

It’s clear that strong relationships between vendors and partners can ease the burden for organizations fighting the good fight to stay ahead of cyberthreats.

The what’s-in-it-for-you.

Everything about our refreshed approach is aimed at serving the partner community. The Expel Workbench™ BYOT (bring-your-own-tech) approach ingests security signals from our customers’ existing solutions (with the help of more than 100 security and business tool integrations) to extract additional value from those investments. With Expel, there’s no need to rip-and-replace any technology—we make the security tools in place work harder for the end-user, freeing partners to support customers in other ways.

And through ramped-up investments, rich marketing, and sales cycle support, our partner program will help grow your business, build brand awareness and recognition, and develop quality relationships.

We’ve invested in partners in the past, so we’re not starting at square one—we’re doubling down. We’ve added more experience and expertise to our team, and we’ve invested in more of the tools and resources our partners need. Our goal is to be your favorite partner. Sooner, rather than later. We aim to be easy to work with and provide more value than you expect.

The how.

We’re putting a renewed focus on our partner relationships by investing in the tools our partners need.

  • Enhanced roles—We’ve added some new talent to the team—seasoned partner development and sales managers will help you market, sell, and support our products.
  • Partner portal—The new Expel Partner eXchange (EPX) is a rich one-stop shop for training, marketing assets, registering deals, and more.
  • Deal registration—We’ve added enhanced deal registration to the portal, making it easier for partners to submit information and track deals in the pipeline.
  • Marketing assets and tools—EPX affords quick access to co-brandable assets, collateral, campaigns, and more, arming our partners with the latest and greatest strategy and messaging.
  • Sales tools—We’ve provided some key sales tools to make it easy to talk about our security solutions. Partner feedback is crucial to us as we expand our toolkit.
  • Role-based certifications—Our new role-based certifications help your people learn more about the security landscape so they can better communicate why Expel is a leader in managed detection and response (MDR).
  • Go-to-market strategy—Our expanded partner team knows a lot about helping you win at every step of the journey. Couple this with powerful tools and resources to assist with strategy development, sales, marketing, customer success, and the tracking and reporting of joint success criteria, and it’s easy to see how our collaboration will be a successful one.

The Expel Partner Program has three tiers, allowing us to meet partners where they’re at based on their business and their commitment to joint success.

  • Premier—Our Premier partners receive the highest level of support and collaboration, a tailored experience full of features and benefits, and a generous discount opportunity.
  • Select—Our Select partners receive the full support of our team and the features and benefits necessary to win in today’s (really competitive) market. Healthy discount opportunities, strategy and execution support, and co-marketing support are all included.
  • Authorized—This is a great starting point for partners to come in and learn what Expel can do for them. These organizations have access to EPX, assets, resources, and training and certification paths. Authorized partners can quickly migrate to higher tiers as the relationship grows, or they can choose to stay in the Authorized tier—we’re here to support your business objectives.

The when.

If you’re wondering when this is all going to happen, the answer is…now. As in, right now.

We’re excited to launch this program with our partners today. We aim to grow our program to make it easier to do business with us and easier to bring the best cybersecurity solutions to our joint customers—after all, they’re the real point. Let’s collaborate to make the best security on the market accessible to more people than ever before.

What’s next?

While we can’t share all of the juicy details just yet, know that we’re making big investments into the rest of our partner ecosystem. This means you’re going to hear a lot more about us in the market (🎆), providing even more ways for us to extend our current partnerships.

Fill out the form on our new and improved partner page if you’re interested in joining us as a partner.