Engineering | 6 min read
What’s it like being a female site reliability engineer?

The tech industry, and engineering positions especially, can be very difficult for women. In this interview, one of Expel’s SREs discusses her career path and lauds the support she’s found here.

Engineering | 5 min read
How we built it: the app that gives our analysts more time to fight cyber evil

Auto-close marketing emails (AME), a feature we built for our SOC, not only frees up time for our analysts, it offers insight into application development using machine learning.

Engineering | 3 min read
Suspicious Outlook rules: high-fidelity patterns to watch for

Inbox rule manipulation is hard to accurately alert on since inbox rule creation and management exist for valid reasons. Here’s some tips on how to spot high-fidelity inbox manipulation tactics.

Engineering | 2 min read
Integrations roundup: maximize your existing tech investments

Our integrations portfolio includes 100+ technologies, and we’re always adding to that list. Here are the newest tech integrations we’ve added to our security operations platform, Expel Workbench™.

Engineering | 2 min read
Two new Expel Workbench™ improvements for greater transparency

We’ve released new features in Expel Workbench that improve transparency. These enhancements give you better visibility into your SecOps today, and what’s in store for the platform in the future.

Engineering | 4 min read
The role of artificial intelligence in threat hunting

Artificial intelligence—or, more accurately, machine learning (ML)—is a huge boost for threat hunters thanks to its speed, proactivity, automation, efficiency, and ability to promote collaboration.

Engineering | 1 min read
New Expel Workbench integrations: defend against identity threats

Our latest Integrations with 1Password, Snowflake, Auth0, and Crowdstrike Falcon Identity Protection help protect against identity threats.

Engineering | 8 min read
Instrumenting the “big three” managed Kubernetes offerings with Python

What’s the best way to securely access the Kubernetes API for managed offerings like GKE, EKS, and AKS? Each has its own middleware, best practices, and hurdles to clear. In this post, we’ll give you the tools you need to do it yourself.

Engineering | 3 min read
Integrations roundup: new integrations to manage overall business risk

Expel has always used a bring-your-own-tech approach to security operations. Now our integrations are expanding beyond the sphere of cybersecurity and into some of today’s most popular business apps.

Engineering | 1 min read
So long, 2022! Our year in review

To mark the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, we’ve curated some of our favorite blog posts from the past 12 months.

Engineering | 5 min read
45 minutes to one minute: how we shrunk image deployment time

We recently figured out how to reduce Kubernetes image deployment time from 45 minutes (way too long) to one minute (really fast). Here’s how we did it.

Engineering | 3 min read
Connect Hashicorp Vault and Google’s CloudSQL databases: new plugin!

Expel is excited to open source a new Hashicorp Vault plugin that brokers database credentials between Hashicorp Vault and Google’s CloudSQL DBs.

Engineering | 5 min read
Threat hunting: Build or buy?

Not sure if you should build your own hunting capability or get a hunting partner? Check out this post to discover your options and the things you should consider (yes, we break down cost for you).

Engineering | 11 min read
Migrating to GKE: Preemptible nodes and making space for the Chaos Monkeys

Find out how Expel’s internal teams collaborated to migrate our core infrastructure from a legacy environment to GCP, with no downtime (while also making sure they were prepared for a little chaos).

Engineering | 6 min read
5 best practices to get to production readiness with Hashicorp Vault in Kubernetes

Flying blind when it comes to running Hashicorp Vault in Kubernetes? We’ve got you covered. Accelerate your path to production without compromising on security with these tips and best practices.

Engineering | 8 min read
Containerizing key pipeline with zero downtime

Migrating to Kubernetes as Expel’s core engineering platform with zero downtime – and without interfering with our analysts’ workflow – is a tall order. But our engineers pulled it off. Find out how.

Engineering | 12 min read
Behind the scenes: Building Azure integrations for ASC alerts

Find out how Expel’s internal teams built an integration on top of Azure signal – creating a new detection strategy for ASC that provides more context around alerts and improves customer visibility.

Engineering | 7 min read
Plotting booby traps like in Home Alone: Our approach to detection writing

Find out how Expel’s D&R engineers think about detection writing, and how this process helps our SOC analysts make smart decisions and gain a deeper understanding of our customers’ environments.

Engineering | 2 min read
Announcing Open Source python client (pyexclient) for Expel Workbench

We’re open sourcing a python client in the Expel Workbench! This labor of love will allow our customers to take advantage of our APIs. Find out what the release of the pyexclient project includes.

Engineering | 8 min read
The power of orchestration: how we automated enrichments for AWS alerts

Automation is key when it comes to helping analysts focus on doing what they do best – investigating legitimate threats. Find out how we use orchestration to automate enrichments for AWS alerts.

Engineering | 8 min read
Terraforming a better engineering experience with Atlantis

To build something useful you must first understand your users. Find out how Expel used Terraform and Atlantis to build a platform that makes self-service provisioning in cloud infrastructure easy. % %