New Expel Workbench integrations: defend against identity threats

· 1 MIN READ · ALAN NEWMAN · JUL 12, 2023 · TAGS: Tech tools

This quarter’s integrations focus on upleveling your identity game.

At Expel, we love our integrations. Enabling Expel Workbench™ to connect to the technology you’ve already invested in helps make more sense of their signals and gives you greater control over the tech you already use, affording more control and flexibility within your environment. We continuously add to our suite of 100+ integrations, and we think you’ll appreciate our newest additions.

Our recent Quarterly Threat Report showed that identity-based attacks remain the top threat facing our customers: account compromise, account takeover (ATO), and long-lived access key theft accounted for 57% of all incidents identified by our security operations center (SOC).

Our latest Integrations go a long way toward helping protect you from these identity threats.

  • 1Password: a password management platform that allows for the generation of secure passwords with customizable length and complexity.
  • Snowflake: a cloud-based data storage and analytics service.
  • Auth0: a flexible, drop-in solution that adds authentication and authorization services to your applications.
  • Crowdstrike Falcon Identity Protection: a solution that protects workforce identities everywhere leveraging advanced AI in a unified, threat-centric data fabric.

We integrate with 1Password, Snowflake, and Auth0 to detect successful authentication with suspicious user agent strings, changes to sensitive configurations, authentication from suspicious countries, and more. It’s essential to protect these applications because a breach could expose your passwords, data, and other sensitive information. Our new Integrations alert you of suspicious activity.

For Crowdstrike Falcon Identity Protection, we integrate to detect suspicious account activity from IPs with bad reputations, brute force attacks, escalation of privileges, and more.

We’re committed to supporting your business and we prioritize building new integrations to keep you secure. Stay tuned for our next round of integrations…coming soon.