It’s official: we’re a Great Place to Work®

· 1 MIN READ · AMY ROSSI · SEP 14, 2022 · TAGS: Company news

We’re proud of what we do at Expel: address modern cybersecurity challenges, drive return on investment (ROI) for our customers, and even delight folks with security that makes sense.

But what we’re most proud of, what stands head and shoulders above what we do, is who we are and how we work together. We’ve been building an inclusive and welcoming place where people can do great work since the start, and we’re so proud that our Expletives—that’s how we refer to ourselves—feel this rings true.

This year, we were honored by Great Place to Work® and Fortune magazine with placements on three Best Workplaces 2022 lists: Best Workplaces in Technology (#15), Best Workplaces for Millennials (#24), Best Medium Workplaces (#24), and Best Workplaces for Parents (#29).

Why do these lists in particular matter to us so much? Because they’re based on ratings directly from our people. It also means that one of our core values is true: if we take care of our people, they’ll take care of our customers. Over the last 24 months, our customers gave Expel an average Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 80. When B2B industry benchmarks indicate a score of 30 as the start of the good range, 80 feels pretty awesome.

Plus, these recognitions couldn’t have come at a more welcome time, as we continue down a path of rapid growth. We’re actively expanding across the pond into EMEA, and so it’s more important to us than ever that Expel’s culture scales with the business.

We know that leaders alone can’t scale the culture; it’s every Expletive that opens their laptop everyday (whether in person or virtually) to connect and collaborate with each other that makes it possible. And when every person feels they can keep it real and show up at work authentically—regardless of race, gender, age, disability status, or any aspect of their identity or role—then we’re creating space for people to do what they love while strengthening our company.

We remain committed to building a great place to work, learning from each other, and to creating positive effects on people’s lives and the communities where they live and around the world. If that’s something that interests you, reach out. Because BTW, we’re hiring.