A message from Expel’s co-founders

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Today is one of the most difficult days in Expel history. We started Expel because we wanted to create space for people to do what they love. Over the past seven years—time and time again—we’ve done just that for customers and employees. We’ve nurtured employees to grow, take on more responsibility, and advance their careers.

We have seen our business grow, and it continues to grow. While we are in a strong position, we’ve also seen many shifts in the market. As a result, like many of our industry peers, we’ve made the difficult decision to say goodbye to 60 people (roughly 10% of our crew).

We take care of our people. Always.

Taking care of our people first is at the core of our culture. Our job as leaders, however, is to ensure that Expel as-a-whole continues to do great things for our customers. While saying goodbye is never easy, we also knew we’d strive to do our best to support those departing.

In the U.S., every departing person will be offered a minimum of two months of severance pay and paid COBRA healthcare coverage through the end of the year. We’re also adjusting option exercise timelines and vesting cliffs to provide greater flexibility for those that want to participate in our equity program. In the U.K. and Canada, we’re offering similar separation packages while following country laws for benefit coverage. In addition to severance packages that help near-term, we’re also providing workshops and career search guidance to help them find their next great opportunity.

We continue to focus on our customers and the market we serve

We’re incredibly proud to have built relationships with customers that feel like true partnerships in fighting the good fight. Helping our customers succeed in meaningful ways has contributed to us achieving meaningful accolades.

The crew reductions we’ve made don’t impact our service delivery capability in any way. Our security operations team continues to work at full strength, 24×7, helping ensure our customers stay secure.

A bold mission with a bright future

Everyone leaving us today brought something special to Expel. We’re grateful for their work and for sharing a part of their lives with us on this journey. For our crew continuing the journey, we’re going to keep doing what we’ve always done: make security easy to understand, use and improve. We’re locking arms, taking care of our people, and taking care of our customers. We’re privileged to work in a space where what we do truly matters—we protect others from those who wish to do them harm. We’re going to keep doing that now and long into the future.