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Q3 Threat Report. SOC trends to take action on | Take a tour of Expel MDR for Cloud Infrastructure


Protect against business email compromise

Detect phishing attempts and stop BEC

If any of these sound like you, chances are we can help.

Phishing attempts have made stopping BEC attacks in O365 or G Suite a priority

You have apps like Okta and Duo and need help identifying unusual user behavior

You’ve switched to a remote or hybrid workplace and you need help protecting your users

You’re manually triaging phishing emails and drowning in work

24x7 detection and response for …



Access management

Users aren’t perfect. Clicking links and attachments is part of their job (spotting phishes with 100% accuracy isn’t). We protect your users so they can focus on doing their work. In fact, our detection strategy is built specifically for each SaaS app to flag anything that seems unusual.

Examples of unique things we detect
Phishing Email Access management
Malicious phishing emails submitted by your users
Other users compromised by a phishing attack
Compromised tech and accounts used by attackers
Suspicious email sending patterns
Creation of mailbox forwarding/redirect rule
Unusual volume of external file sharing or deletion
Authentication from a suspicious country
Possible bypass of MFA
Login from proxy  

What does Expel for Email include?

Expel for Email connects to O365 or G Suite. We pair it with your Duo, Okta, or OneLogin apps to triage employee submitted emails, identify phishing attacks, detect BEC and flag risky behavior.

When something’s abnormal, we investigate and tell you what happened and what you need to do about it (in plain English).

Reduce theft and financial loss

Stop attacks before attackers trick your users into wiring money or installing ransomware

Prevent future attacks

Spot trends — like who’s targeted and what they click on — so you can drive change

Detect BEC attacks in time to stop them

Our bots, Josie™ and Ruxie™, work fast. They analyze logs and add context so our analysts get to answers in minutes

Stop executive impersonation

Catch targeted attacks when they start. We tailor our detections for your most sensitive users and unique use cases


Cloud attack trends: What you need to know and how to stay resilient

Over 60% of the incidents we saw in 2020 were BEC. How do you stay resilient against these attacks? Our detection and response team walks us through how to remediate and the measures you can take to protect your org.


Improving the phishing triage process: Keeping our analysts (and our customers) sane

Phishing as a tactic isn’t going away. But how do you keep up with the onslaught of flagged phishing emails without burning out your analysts? Our SOC team leads share how we’ve come up with a process that uses automation and human decision making.


Seven ways to spot a business email compromise in Office 365

As attackers behind BEC attacks find ever more clever tactics to use, it’s getting trickier for businesses to protect themselves. But here are some telltale signs you can look for that are tip-offs that something’s amiss.

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