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Q2 Threat Report. SOC trends to take action on | Take a tour of Expel MDR for Cloud Infrastructure


Protect AWS

Monitor and secure your AWS environment with Expel MDR

Security for AWS … not log chasing

You’ve invested in AWS. It’s incredibly powerful and useful to your strategy. But managing security in AWS is challenging. The logs you get just keep growing exponentially and all you ever seem to have is more questions.

Allocating a number of analysts to review these logs isn’t a practical fix. It’s costly and time consuming… and doesn’t lead to you getting the answers you are looking for quickly enough.

You know that the faster you know about an incident, the faster you can respond. But with all the alerts and logs to sift through, how can you get there – fast?

What are your biggest AWS protection challenges?

I need to deal with the massive amount of logs and alerts generated by AWS

I need help in sifting through AWS security alerts and know which ones are real risks

I need help responding to and remediating incidents

I need to maximize my investment in AWS while being secure

Expel MDR for AWS:
Results. Not more alerts to handle.

When it comes to AWS we can help.

Our detection approach understands AWS. We have learned from countless attacks and our years of expertise enables us to detect threats in your AWS environment, including understanding behaviors, configurations and privileges.

When we notify you about an alert, you can be sure that it is what matters in the context of your environment, as we have sifted through the noise to serve up the alerts that require your attention. We recommend remediation actions and or remediate on your behalf. We keep pace with all the new (or updated) AWS services as they roll out, so you’re always ahead.

Reduce risk

Get customized recommendations to secure your AWS environment

Maximize ROI

Gain more out of your huge AWS investment, including improved security outcomes without adding new technology

Improve security posture

Get proactive recommendations to improve your environment, so you can scale securely

AWS security that goes beyond alert reporting.



Our bot, Ruxie, shrinks investigation time by automating investigative actions just like our SOC analysts would.


AWS security alerts

We cut through the noise and surface up the alerts that need your eyes on them.


Tell you
how to investigate

We’ll give you step-by-step guides on how to investigate the validated AWS alerts we serve up to you.

Our Process

With Expel MDR, we’ll monitor your AWS instance 24x7.

We use API integrations to connect directly with your AWS instance to pull CloudTrail data and alerts from services like GuardDuty and Amazon Inspector. Our bots, Josie™ and Ruxie™, get to work and automatically enrich and triage alerts, surfacing up Expel-validated alerts.

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How does your approach to AWS security stack up?

Keeping track of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its new services can be overwhelming. And on top of dealing with a tangled web of services and logs, triaging alerts can feel like you’re playing an exhausting game of whack-a-mole.


Incident report: From CLI to console, chasing an attacker in AWS

Recently, our SOC detected unauthorized access into one of our customer’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments. However, we stopped them before the attacker was able to get any further.

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