Automation and analysis. Clear answers. Prescriptive outcomes

Expel Workbench™ breaks down silos across tech and attack surfaces to achieve measurable outcomes and improve security.

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Make sense of security operations with an integrated platform

Expel Workbench breaks down silos across a variety of tech and attack surfaces to achieve measurable outcomes, improve overall security, and minimize business risk.

We’ll manage security operations, so you can do more while reducing risk

Using event data, alerts and business context from your environment, Expel Workbench automates detection, response, and remediation across all attack surfaces—cloud, on-prem, SaaS, SIEM, Kubernetes, and more. We use a combination of technology and highly skilled Expel security analysts for decision support to help make sense of security operations and solutions.

Reduce the complexity of security operations.

No more jumping between various security operations tools to understand risk – get the full picture of your security posture in a single view.

Improve security operations.

Quantify how your tech is improving your security posture over time with remediations and recommendations to build resilience—now and for the future.

Empower your team.

We’ll manage security operations for you, giving your team the space to manage what matters most.

How it works

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Expel’s Products

All our products sit on top of Expel Workbench, so you’ll reap the power of the platform with capabilities tailored to your organization’s needs.

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Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

24x7 coverage across attack surfaces to detect, investigate, and remediate risks before they become incidents with full transparency along the way.

Explore Managed Detection and Response
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We triage, investigate, and respond to your phishing inbox, so you can do more without risking business email compromise.

Explore Phishing
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Threat Hunting

Leverage a library of custom-built hunting techniques to detect risks before they become threats—and get clear guidance on how you can improve.

Explore Threat Hunting
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Vulnerability Prioritization

Accelerate your remediation process with regular updates on the most urgent vulnerabilities present in your environment and remediation guidance, so you can take immediate action.

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