SANS Institute's insights on SOC maturity tools, benchmarks, and frameworks

Dig into what your peers are doing in the ever-changing cybersecurity environment

SANS Institute completed a survey of nearly 300 IT and cybersecurity professionals to explore:

  • What frameworks are used to define, measure, and assess SOC functions (hint, NIST CSF is preferred by 74% of respondents)
  • The KPIs orgs are using to measure SOC performance
  • If, when, and how training and compliance policies are used to maintain cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity maturity level self-assessment, hows and whys

While the key findings are in line with recent industry trends, some show clear room for improvement: a whopping 43% of responders also have no formal IT or security training in place.

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Key findings:

  • Over 48% of responding orgs have a hybrid SOC approach, and only 10% fully outsource their SOC
  • 69% of respondents use a cybersecurity framework to define, measure, and assess SOC performance
  • 74% of orgs rely on the NIST CSF as their framework of choice
  • Measuring security incidents, vulnerability assessments, and intrusion attempts were the most popular security performance metrics
  • 61% of respondents regularly conduct cyber-readiness exercises
  • 43% of orgs do not have a formal cybersecurity training program for IT and security professional

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For respondents who leverage managed cybersecurity services, quite a few (41%) did not increase or decrease use in the past twelve months, but almost half (47%) did increase their managed services usage—with 15.5% increasing use significantly. This trend is definitely one that we have watched for several years, and it’s no surprise that organizations are increasingly outsourcing and relying on third-party services to help fill the gaps in operational coverage.”

Overwhelmingly, the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) is noted by almost three-quarters (74%) of respondents employing a framework—almost twice as many as the next top contenders (ISO 27001, NIST 800-37, and MITRE).”

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Check out this snippet from a conversation between Expel CISO Greg Notch and SANs Institute Analyst Dave Shackleford for a quick preview.