Replace your MSSP provider

It’s time to find a managed security service provider that you love

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Tired of watching your MSSP...

Orange alert

Toss over alerts that create more work for you and your team

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Send you alerts 12-hours (or days) after you find the problem yourself

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Point to their SLA and shake their head every time you ask them to do something

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Ignore the data coming from the EDR tool and network detection stack you bought

Imagine Expel as your MSSP

We believe transparent managed security is just what it sounds like. It breaks up the proprietary black-box approach that MSSPs and other MDR providers take. You see exactly what our analysts are doing for you 24×7. Our goal isn’t just to check the box and meet the SLA. We want to measurably improve your security. And you won’t have to wait until your renewal to see how you’re getting better … and in what ways. Here’s some other benefits of working with Expel:

  • Get answers, not alerts. You won’t get alerts that create more work for you. You’ll get answers that tell you what you need to do.
  • Use tools you already own. We won’t force our tech stack on you while ignoring the tools you already own.
  • Get results fast. You’ll start seeing value from Expel in a couple weeks … not months (… or worse).
  • Make your team happier. Your team will be happier because they can focus on the work they love.

Learn more about Expel MDR

See how Expel compares to typical MSSPs

Capability Expel MSSP
Onboarding time Typically less than 1 week A few months (if you’re lucky)
Monitoring technology Your existing security tools MSSP vendor’s proprietary tech stack
What you get Answers that tell you what to do Alerts you need to investigate
How you measure value Security operations dashboard # of alerts on salesperson’s PPT graph
Customer portal Rich, real-time and collaborative Limited after-the-fact data
Transparency You see exactly what our analysts see N/A
Resilience recommendations Actions to improve long-term security N/A
Remediation guidance Detailed findings reports N/A
Proactive threat hunting Yes N/A

Is Expel the right fit?

When you tell us you’re ready, we won’t waste your time. Let us know what you’re looking for, and what challenges you have, and we’ll have someone get in touch who can talk tech.

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