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Protect my SaaS apps … ASAP

24x7 monitoring and response for O365, Google Workspace and more.

Protecting your SaaS apps is overwhelming

“Last year, the average number of SaaS apps used per organization stood at 80.”

These applications house a ton of important data. And as your cloud environment grows and gets more complex, risk increases with it. Understanding your users’ behavior is critical in securing your SaaS apps. And you can’t assume what’s normal for one role is the same for another – it can change from app to app.

With an increasing number of SaaS apps, users, and access patterns, how can you keep up? How do you know who, what, where, and how? We can help.

What are your org’s SaaS protection challenges?

I want to understand my user behavior within my SaaS apps

I want to deal with malicious user activity quickly

I want to prioritize alerts based on key apps and users

I want recommendations to mitigate risk when it comes to my SaaS apps

Expel customized detection and response for SaaS apps

We’ve got you covered when it comes to protecting SaaS apps. And we’ve done it a lot, with Google Workspace, O365, Duo, Okta, Dropbox, OneLogin, Github, and Box, to name a few (and with more to come).

We alert on things unique to your business so that you know the first signs of abnormal user activity. Our detection and response strategy is built specifically for each app. Our analysts are trained on how to investigate incidents that originated from there – we look for suspicious user activity, network activity, authentications, file events, and process events. We’ll tell you when we spot risky behavior, investigate and provide you with next steps or we can auto-remediate for you (just say the word).

Alert-to-remediation in 21 minutes. You read that right.

Results. Not more alerts to handle.

Reduce response times

Use automation for initial triage so our analyst can focus on spotting suspicious behavior

Boost visibility

Detections unique to each of your apps like O365, Okta and Dropbox.

Stop threats from spreading

When we identify a compromised user, we’ll automatically disable the account.

Keep your people secure

Prioritize alerts based on key assets and users.

See Expel SaaS protection in action

Our detection strategies are tailored for each SaaS app. For example, for Office365 we can apply our detection strategy to detect things like authentication from a suspicious country, authentication via Tor node, MFA bypass, Azure AD conditional access policy update, global admin access to Powershell, and many more. Need to map detections to MITRE ATT&CK tactics? We do that too! This custom strategy means you only get prioritized Expel-treated alerts for the critical SaaS apps in your environment. This way, you, or we, can remediate quickly.

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