Engineering | 6 min read
What’s it like being a female site reliability engineer?

The tech industry, and engineering positions especially, can be very difficult for women. In this interview, one of Expel’s SREs discusses her career path and lauds the support she’s found here.

Talent | 2 min read
What makes Expel a Great Place to Work®?

Expel has been named to five Best Workplaces lists by Great Place to Work®. We’re pleased, but our goal is to be even better.

Talent | 3 min read
20 tips for aspiring security operations center analysts

Candor, curiosity, passion for learning, humility, empathy, and being a good teammate can take a prospective security analyst far.

Talent | 3 min read
How WE celebrated Women’s History Month at Expel

This year’s Women’s History Month programming centered on the interconnectivity between all our employee resource groups (ERGs) and focused on how we can elevate each other. Here’s a quick recap.

Engineering | 1 min read
So long, 2022! Our year in review

To mark the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, we’ve curated some of our favorite blog posts from the past 12 months.

Talent | 8 min read
A year in review: An honest look at a developer’s first 12 months at Expel

Get a peek behind the curtain as one of our senior software engineers reflects on his experience during his first year at Expel, from the interview process all the way to where he is now.

Talent | 3 min read
Let’s talk compensation: Why Expel made the move to pay transparency

Expel recently made the decision to move toward pay transparency — but what does that mean, exactly? Learn what it means to us, how we arrived at the decision, and what we’ve learned along the way.

Talent | 3 min read
The dinner that started it all with Expel’s new CISO

Get to know our new CISO, Greg Notch! Fresh off 15 years with the NHL, learn about the problems he saw in the infosec industry and what drew him to Expel in the first place — in his own words.

Talent | 3 min read
Could you go a week without meetings at work?

Could your company go for an entire week with no meetings? We did. Find out what happened (plus download our Meeting Mojo kit to help you make the most of the meetings you really do need to have.)

Talent | 4 min read
So you’re a manager. Congrats! Now what?

Creating strong leaders is paramount to the health and success of a company ... but managers are rarely given the tools to lead. That’s why we built a managers program at Expel.

Talent | 6 min read
Five things that’ll help you determine whether you’ll like working at a company

How do you interview a company who’s interviewing you? One of our account executives, Jeremy Furniss, shares how he evaluated Expel during the hiring process

Talent | 6 min read
7 habits of highly effective SOCs

Wondering what it takes to build an effective SOC full of motivated, happy analysts? We’ve got some thoughts on that.

Talent | 5 min read
An inside look at what happened when I finally took a vacation (for realsies)

I returned from my vacation with more than a tan. Here are 7 not-so-obvious things I learned by stepping away and unplugging from the office.

Talent | 5 min read
How to get your resume noticed at Expel (or anywhere)

Want the hiring manager here (or anywhere) to notice you? These resume pro tips will help you stand out from the pack.

Talent | 9 min read
A beginner’s guide to getting started in cybersecurity

Our list of five things you can do to take the first steps to an entry-level technical cybersecurity career and more.

Talent | 4 min read
Learning is fundamental

How to make change to create a learning environment and "The Three Ways" to bring order to your Security Operations Center (SOC). 4 min read.

Talent | 3 min read
Recruit for team dauntless

A sample of questions posed in a recent interview, as we searched for the next member of our security team, and how to hire the fearlessly determined.

Talent | 3 min read
Mission matters: watch your signals

Here are four things you can start working on today to set the tone for security in your organization that will have a lasting impact on your team.

Talent | 2 min read
Don’t dam upstream: ways to build a feedback loop

Review four approaches to strengthen your security operations feedback loop and ensure analysts can influence detection. (3 min read)

Talent | 3 min read
Get your security tools in order: seven tactics you should know

Do you have the equipment and material needed to get your work right? Here are seven things to keep in mind to bring harmony to your toolchain. (4 min read)

Talent | 3 min read
Five ways to keep your security nerds happy

Hiring and keeping good IT/security practitioners can be tough, so once you’ve got good talent you’ll need to work to keep them. (3 min read)