Security operations | 2 min read
Beware this new-ish attacker tactic: QR code attacks

There’s been an increase in “qishing,” the use of QR codes to drive users to malicious URLs in credential harvesting attacks. Here’s what our SOC is seeing plus some insight on how to avoid them.

Security operations | 2 min read
Security alert: Okta “support user” data theft

Okta recently determined that an attacker stole support system user in an incident identified in October. Here’s what Okta customers need to know and do right now.

Engineering | 5 min read
How we built it: the app that gives our analysts more time to fight cyber evil

Auto-close marketing emails (AME), a feature we built for our SOC, not only frees up time for our analysts, it offers insight into application development using machine learning.

Security operations | 3 min read
Okta cross-tenant impersonation: a new Expel detection

Okta recently described a novel attack on a customer organization. Expel analyzed the information and has developed two new detections for this attack.

Security operations | 3 min read
Expel Q3 Quarterly Threat Report: the top five findings

The Q3 Quarterly Threat Report findings are based on incidents our security operations center identified in the third quarter this year. Here are a few of the top trends.

Security operations | 8 min read
A new way to recruit: Our approach to building Expel’s Phishing team

In this blog post, we’ll share how we’re using the Expel Phishing team and its simple, narrow focus, to achieve two goals -- Protect managed detection and response (MDR) service continuity, and Increase diversity in cybersecurity

Security operations | 5 min read
The top phishing keywords in the last 10k+ malicious emails we investigated

Curious how attackers are prompting victims to engage with phishing campaigns? Check out the top keywords from the malicious emails our SOC investigated and our top resilience recommendations.

Security operations | 7 min read
Come sea how we tackle phishing: Expel’s Phishing dashboard

Want a tour of Expel’s Phishing dashboard? Get a behind-the-scenes look at how one of our senior UX designers developed the Phishing dashboard for Expel’s managed phishing service customers.