Ruxie, here

Our gloriously inquisitive security bot, Ruxie™, has been making the rounds this past month. Most notably, in Slack where she can now receive inbound requests from customers. Read all about it below.


Hello. I’m Ruxie.

Have a question or request for Expel? Now, you can submit your queries directly to Ruxie and we’ll make sure your message gets routed to the correct EM, CSE or SOC channel to get you  answers faster and easier. To send a question or comment to Expel, just type “@Ruxie” in your designated Expel Slack channel and send your message – we’ll get it assigned to the appropriate team who will then provide you with an answer. Easy as that.

Other enhancements

  • We added a new notification preference to the UI. We were already telling you about potentially malicious activity that required review, but now you can turn those email notifications off if you’d like.

Other fixes (plus a few odds and ends)

  • Palo Alto updated their logo, so we updated our site too.
  • Some of our email notifications were missing information, so we made some tweaks to get everything plumbed back up correctly.
  • When we send you notice of questionable activity, time is of the essence! Sometimes, there was some unacceptable lag while sending responses, so we fixed this.
  • Our cool new Attack Diagram feature that was the star of our last release notes needed some touch ups. Now, it’s really ready for it’s close up!
  • Two parts of Workbench weren’t in agreement due to timing issues. We fixed this by having the alert grid go straight to the source.
  • Our Alert-to-fix timeline got a little weird. Never fear, we fixed it!