Phishing remediation and more

Auto-removal of malicious emails in Gmail

What’s better than detecting a malicious email? Having it removed for you automatically!  When an email is determined to be malicious, you can have Expel Managed Phishing remove it from all users’ inboxes. If you’d prefer for your team to handle it, no problem. We’ll give you clear steps on what you need to do.

Terraform for AWS Onboarding

We’re expanding our wizard’s capabilities! Last year, we introduced CloudFormation templates to support onboarding individual AWS accounts (or an organization). Now, we support Terraform, too! Expel can help you connect an individual AWS account and create a new CloudTrail on your behalf.

Expel created an open source, transparent Terraform module which creates necessary AWS resources used to securely transfer CloudTrail logs to Workbench. All of the resources that we allocate are listed here. More specific, technical details can be found in our updated AWS CloudTrail Getting Started Guide.