New ticketing options

Skip waiting in line and get tickets delivered right to you. We’ve made an update to our ticketing integration so you can now sign up to receive notifications when an investigative action is assigned to your organization. Read on to learn how to opt-in to the notification.


More ticketing integration options

You asked. We listened. In addition, having remediation actions assigned to your organization through your ticketing integration system, you can also sign up to receive notifications for investigative actions. Currently, we support Jira and ServiceNow. To configure the integration, log into your Customer Manager account and go to My Organization page in Workbench. You can set up the connection to your ticketing service, and opt-in to the notification in the same place.

Revamped customer library

We’ve launched a new feature to the customer library to help prepare for all the content we’re making easily accessible to you. We’ve added a “How to” category which gives you access to our “Getting started with Expel” and “Deploying the Assembler” guides.

Investigative action workflow improvements

Now with fewer clicks! We’ve added the ability to upload multiple files at a time. Saving our analysts a few clicks while still serving up all the details for you to see when we complete an investigation.

Other Enhancements

  • We noticed getting the capability listing for investigations took a bit longer than we desired, so we’ve shortened the return time.
  • We’re serving up more details to the “Security device health” Slack notification. You’ll now see what the problem is and how to fix it.
  • Ticketing Integration configuration text now provides the same context to users that haven’t configured the integration to those that have.

Other fixes (and a few odds and ends)

  • We’ve made language updates to the My Profile page.
  • We’ve made styling adjustments to the display of our PagerDuty configuration text.
  • We squashed a bug that had been squeezing the display of Investigative actions in Workbench mobile view.
  • A padding bug on our Findings report wasn’t sneaky enough to escape the wrath of our UX team.
  • Some of our modals were getting cut-off when using Workbench from devices with smaller screens. This is now fixed.