Expel Workbench for AWS and Ruxie’s in MS Teams

It’s been a busy month over here at Expel! Read below for all the delectable news and updates.


Expel Workbench for AWS

This month we launched Expel Workbench™ for AWS – an easy way to monitor and investigate potential security risks in your AWS environment. The tl;dr? We take your AWS logs and alerts and tell you which ones are real risks (and why all the others aren’t). Workbench for AWS also comes with our rockstar bot, Ruxie™, who automatically investigates alerts and gathers additional information before surfacing it up to you, giving you the data you need to make fast and accurate decisions.

Ruxie joins Microsoft Teams

Ruxie is now in Microsoft Teams and available in Microsoft AppSource. What does this mean for our Team users? When Expel creates an incident or assigns an action to your organization, she’ll be right there – in Teams. This allows our analysts to focus on what they do best — like reviewing your alert signal 24×7 — and Ruxie to empower them to investigate and make quicker decisions. Excited to get started with Ruxie in Microsoft Teams? Check out this handy documentation.

Other enhancements

  • We made improvements to the way we are displaying our Phishing alerts. Is now a good time to mention we have a phishing product?
  • We realized the color scheme on our comment functionality wasn’t demonstrating a culture of inclusivity and accessibility, so we fixed it. Small change. Big difference.
  • To support our goal of bringing you answers – not just alerts – we added additional context to our slack drops.
  • Remediation actions are an important aspect of our service. We changed the status name from “Open” to “To do” so that it would be more clear when something hasn’t been done yet.

Other fixes (plus a few odds and ends)

  • We fixed a bug that was causing spaces to get stripped out of the text in our assignment drop down.
  • The Ruxie icon that denotes investigations with automated actions took an unexpected vacation over the holidays. But we tracked her down! She got a bit of a facelift, but we assure you it’s the same Ruxie you know and love.
  • We made some improvements to the queries that run when you load the main page.
  • Our new Ruxie slack bot was getting confused when the requests included email addresses. It was tricky but our developers got it sorted.
  • Did you know Workbench can send incidents directly to your Jira or ServiceNow queue, and even trigger a page if you have PagerDuty? No worries if you didn’t know, or even if you forgot. Thing is, it stopped working for a hot second. It’s all fixed now though. Check it out!
  • Markdown is pretty useful for formatting text; unfortunately, there’s no standard, meaning several variants exist. The markdown we use for slack messages accidentally crept into our emails. Oops. But, you guessed it, we fixed it!
  • There was a minor bug with how we displayed drop downs that we fixed.