Detect and contain


New detection view in Workbench™

You now have visibility into what Expel is monitoring in your environment. We’ve added a new Detection view in Workbench; with this new feature you can:

  • See your threat coverage based on the MITRE ATT@CK® framework
  • Get details on what’s being monitored, including the rule logic
  • View the additional detections Expel provides to boost your security signal and minimize your gaps

Automated host containment

We’re accelerating how quickly we stop threats in your environment (all while creating more space for you). Let us know which host you’d like us to automatically contain or which hosts we shouldn’t automatically contain. When we create a remediation action, Workbench will automatically take action, or you’ll receive a notification recommending you isolate the host.

Other enhancements

Improved Workbench performance

Workbench has a little more pep in its step. We noticed our logo storage was degrading Workbench performance so we spent some time optimizing it so your engagement stays quick and peppy!