A little spring cleaning

We’ve made multiple fixes to Workbench to keep it clean and tidy – like closing all alerts associated with an investigation when the investigation is marked closed. We’ve also made it easier for you to sort and filter through your alerts with the addition of a comma-separated (CSV) file export. Read more to learn about the tidying up we did with password reset and all the other updates.


Download alerts

We’ve added a new feature that allows you to download a comma-separated (CSV) file of alerts, for a specified time range. The CSV file is a good way to get a quick inventory of what Expel did with your alerts and which alerts ended up as part of investigations or security incidents.

download csv

Other enhancements

  • We’ve simplified the workflow for resetting your password. Previously, if you clicked the Forgot password? link, you were obliged to set a new password AND create a new two-factor token in Google Authenticator. With this change, only a new password is required. You will be asked to confirm the change with your existing two-factor code. Additionally, Workbench now requires a two-minute gap between password reset requests for the same email address. If a user makes consecutive password reset requests within the same two-minute period, the second request will fail.

Other fixes (and a few odds and ends)

  • Fixed a display problem where the grey background on the dashboards was stopping halfway down the page.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed an admin or manager to see the Reset password links on the profile of another user. If an admin or manager needs to send another user a re-enrollment email, they can do so using the actions dropdown Settings > Users in Workbench.
  • When you close a security investigation, all the summary fields are now required: Threat type, Attack timing, Vector, Detection, and Lifecycle.
  • We fixed a display issue that caused the Activity > Hunting tab to be visible to all customers. You should only see this tab if hunting is part of your service. Interested in learning about our hunting service? Reach out to your engagement manager for more details. (which we strongly encourage because we’re finding a lot of interesting anomalies with our hunting techniques!)
  • When you close an investigation, all associated alerts are also closed. Fixed a validation error that occurred when closing or completing an investigative action.