Expel insider | 1 min read
Expel clinches Gold at the 2024 Globee® Awards, named Top Cybersecurity Vendor of the Year

Our Top Cybersecurity Vendor of the Year honor from the Globee Awards underscores our commitment to securing digital infrastructures and safeguarding businesses against cyber threats.

Talent | 4 min read
So you’re a manager. Congrats! Now what?

Creating strong leaders is paramount to the health and success of a company ... but managers are rarely given the tools to lead. That’s why we built a managers program at Expel.

Talent | 6 min read
Five things that’ll help you determine whether you’ll like working at a company

How do you interview a company who’s interviewing you? One of our account executives, Jeremy Furniss, shares how he evaluated Expel during the hiring process

Talent | 5 min read
An inside look at what happened when I finally took a vacation (for realsies)

I returned from my vacation with more than a tan. Here are 7 not-so-obvious things I learned by stepping away and unplugging from the office.

Talent | 5 min read
How to get your resume noticed at Expel (or anywhere)

Want the hiring manager here (or anywhere) to notice you? These resume pro tips will help you stand out from the pack.

Expel insider | 11 min read
Why Expel doesn’t do R&D

Check out how we’re challenging ourselves to approach R&D (innovation) in a new way and not just cut and paste processes from our past just because "we’ve always done it that way."

Talent | 4 min read
Learning is fundamental

How to make change to create a learning environment and "The Three Ways" to bring order to your Security Operations Center (SOC). 4 min read.

Talent | 3 min read
Recruit for team dauntless

A sample of questions posed in a recent interview, as we searched for the next member of our security team, and how to hire the fearlessly determined.

Talent | 3 min read
Mission matters: watch your signals

Here are four things you can start working on today to set the tone for security in your organization that will have a lasting impact on your team.

Talent | 2 min read
Don’t dam upstream: ways to build a feedback loop

Review four approaches to strengthen your security operations feedback loop and ensure analysts can influence detection. (3 min read)

Talent | 3 min read
Get your security tools in order: seven tactics you should know

Do you have the equipment and material needed to get your work right? Here are seven things to keep in mind to bring harmony to your toolchain. (4 min read)

Talent | 3 min read
Five ways to keep your security nerds happy

Hiring and keeping good IT/security practitioners can be tough, so once you’ve got good talent you’ll need to work to keep them. (3 min read)