Azure, Terraform, and Auto Disabling, Oh my!

Auto disabling compromised accounts for more Microsoft Products

Waiting around is great if you like watching grass grow or paint dry. However, when it comes to securing your infrastructure due to a compromised account, you really want to move fast.

We’ve added support for disabling compromised user accounts for not just O365, but also:

  • Azure AD identity protection
  • Azure Cloud
  • Azure Log Analytics
  • Azure Sentinel
  • Defender for Endpoint

If user accounts are compromised, Workbench can now automatically disable them and give your team the time and space needed to secure your environment.

Introducing an Azure Wizard!

Being able to monitor your Azure instances in Expel Workbench is pretty cool. It’s even cooler that it now only takes 8-steps to get your Azure instance connected and monitored by Expel. Our wizard will be a step-by-step guide on how to get Azure connected – and there are how-to videos that make it even easier!

Terraform for AWS Organizations

Last month’s debut of Terraform for AWS accounts was just the start. We’ve expanded our Terraform capabilities so that Expel can now help you connect an individual AWS account or an Organization, and create a new CloudTrail on your behalf.

Expel created an open source, transparent Terraform module which provisions the necessary AWS resources used to securely transfer CloudTrail logs to Workbench. All of the resources that we allocate are listed here. The more specific, technical details can be found in our updated AWS CloudTrail Getting Started Guide.