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How to identify when you’ve lost control of your SIEM (and how to rein it back in)

See if these four telltale warning signs get your head nodding. If so, learn how to get started on regaining control.

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3 steps to figuring out where a SIEM belongs in your security program

How can a SIEM help you address your business needs? Do you even need a SIEM? Here are some tips to help you make a decision that works best for you.

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Is Microsoft Defender for Endpoint good?

Expel has integrated Microsoft Microsoft Defender for Endpoint into our platform and we’re impressed! Our SOC analysts share why they love it and how they use it to triage alerts.

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The myth of co-managed SIEMs

Think you can get a co-managed SIEM and then step away to let the magic happen? Not so fast. Our CISO shares some common myths and the realities you should consider before making a decision.