Security operations | 4 min read
The CISO in 2020 (and beyond): A chat with Bruce Potter

It’s impossible to sum up a year that felt like 1000 in a single blog post. But we did gather some topline takeaways on security trends and the evolving role of the CISO from Expel’s Bruce Potter.

Security operations | 5 min read
The myth of co-managed SIEMs

Think you can get a co-managed SIEM and then step away to let the magic happen? Not so fast. Our CISO shares some common myths and the realities you should consider before making a decision.

Security operations | 7 min read
Managed Detection & Response for AWS

Learn how Expel detected and responded to an Amazon Web Services access key crisis with Amazon GuardDuty & CloudTrails logs securing cloud insecurities.

Security operations | 4 min read
Thinking about Zoom and risk

For many of us, Zoom is the app that’s keeping us connected. But recent news about security concerns has a lot of us wondering if it’s too risky. So... is it? Our CISO shares his thoughts.

Security operations | 2 min read
NIST CSF: A new interactive tool to track your progress

There’s lots to like about the NIST CSF. Here are our practical tips for how to use it, plus a preview of a new NIST feature we introduced in Expel Workbench™.

Tips | 10 min read
It’s time to drive a rising tide

There are a few cybersecurity fundamentals that keep us safe … but how do you get the people in your org to adopt them? Our COO Yanek Korff’s got some ideas.

Tips | 4 min read
5 tips for writing a cybersecurity policy that doesn’t suck

All good cybersecurity policies share some similar traits. Here are our pro tips for creating a solid policy for your own org.

Security operations | 6 min read
Five things law firms can do now to improve their security for tomorrow

Relativity CSO Amanda Fennell shares the top five, easy-to-get-started things she sees forward-thinking law firms doing to improve their security.

Security operations | 8 min read
The top five pitfalls to avoid when implementing SOAR

SOAR isn’t really about “orchestration and response.” It’s an engineering problem at its core. Here’s why.

Security operations | 5 min read
This is how you should be thinking about cloud security

Your IT team isn’t racking and stacking servers like they used to, but cracking the cloud security code is easier than you think. Get our pro tips for doing just that.

Security operations | 4 min read
Don’t blow it — 5 ways to make the most of the chance to revamp your security posture

If you’ve got a blank canvas with the opportunity to build a security program from scratch, here’s how to get started and make the most of your new program.

Security operations | 4 min read
NIST’s new framework: Riding the wave of re-imagining privacy

The NIST Privacy Framework will revolutionize how we think about privacy. Here’s how your org might use it.

Security operations | 4 min read
How to get your security tool chest in order when you’re growing like crazy

Need to expand your security tool chest? Our CISO’s got some tips to consider when thinking about what tech to keep or buy.

Security operations | 9 min read
12 ways to tell if your managed security provider won’t suck next year

How can you figure out if the quality of the service you’re about to sign up for will improve over time? Our COO Yanek Korff’s got some tips for making sure you choose a service that’ll last.

Security operations | 4 min read
How to start a cybersecurity program (or restart one that lapsed)

If you're left holding the hot potato of a legacy lackluster security program, or are suddenly forced to protect your org and its data with less, here are a few quick steps to take to get cybersecurity efforts back on track.

Security operations | 7 min read
Lessons learned from a CISO’s first 100 days

In this guest post, Amanda Fennell, CSO at Relativity reflects on what she’s learned -- I recently finished my first 100 days as Chief Security Officer (CSO) of Relativity. I’ve learned a lot. And while every new CSO faces unique challenges, I’ve come up with some recommendations to help new CSOs.