In the Age of Innovation, Does Security Hold the Key?

· 3 MIN READ · HILLARY BARON · AUG 3, 2023 · TAGS: Cloud security

This post originally appeared on CloudSecurityAlliance.org. It’s reprinted here with permission.

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) recently conducted a survey delving into the intersection of security and innovation. Our mission with this study was to untangle the intricate relationship between security and innovation, shedding light on how security is perceived within the organizational framework, its role in driving innovation, outcomes of security-enabled innovation, and other cloud use trends. Commissioned by Expel and developed by the CSA, this survey captured the perspectives of 1,018 IT and security professionals from a diverse range of organizations, offering a wealth of insights into the prevailing attitudes and trends shaping these dynamic fields. Here are some highlights from the results.

Bridging the Security-Innovation Disconnect
You may have heard it said, “Security is the enabler of innovation.” That’s the general vibe resonating from the survey that put the spotlight on the critical role security plays in the wheel of innovation. Companies seem to be singing from the same hymn sheet, prioritizing security during product development, considering it as a golden ticket to a competitive edge and integral to a thriving culture of innovation.

But here’s where it gets a bit messy – there’s a bit of a squabble about the role of security between the big guns in the C-suite and the boots on the ground – the staff. C-suite executives seem to be more pumped up about the whole idea, attaching a lot of weight to security as a key driver of innovation. On the flip side, the staff is a bit lukewarm about it. The vibe isn’t completely negative, but it’s definitely not as upbeat as their leaders.

The plot thickens when you drill down to why there’s this disconnect. Are the execs wearing rose-tinted glasses, painting an idealistic picture based on their high-level perspective? Or is it the staff, ensnared in the nitty-gritty of their specific roles, who have a more cynical, less enthusiastic view? The main gist is that it’s neither: instead, there seems to be a communication gap that needs bridging. And trust me, building that bridge can only mean a more unified vision and happier employees.

The Double-edged Sword of Multi-Cloud Adoption
One standout trend from the survey is the considerable lean towards multi-cloud environments. Companies seem to be warming up to the idea of dancing with more than one cloud provider – a smart move that’s not just an accident, but an intentional strategy.

The perks are pretty apparent – leveraging the strengths of different providers, reducing the dreaded vendor lock-in, and stepping up their performance and latency. However, the multi-cloud life isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Managing costs and resources in this set-up can be a bit of a headache, and let’s not forget the challenges of training staff to operate on multiple platforms and the hustle to keep security and governance consistent across the board.

The Great Migration Back On-prem?
An unexpected twist in the tale is the major shift of workloads from cloud back to the good old on-prem set-up. Yes, you heard that right! Companies seem to be moving at least some of their workloads back in-house. A significant driver for this shift is a change in business strategy or direction. It seems companies are striving to strike the right balance between leveraging different cloud providers and keeping specific tasks or operations on-premises.

Containers: The Star Continues to Rise
The final key finding from the survey? Containers are a favorite in the industry. It’s the must-have tool in the industry, aligning perfectly with the current trend of DevSecOps and the “shift left” approach to security. The portability, flexibility, and scalability of containers make them ideal for the fast-paced development environments that companies are striving for today.

Ready to Dive Deeper?
That’s just a snippet of what the survey reveals. There’s a treasure trove of insights to explore about the evolving landscape of security and innovation. To get the full scoop, download the survey today and join us in navigating the fascinating world of security-enabled innovation. Because in today’s world, understanding this critical relationship is not just a nice-to-have, it’s a must. Download the survey here.