Welcome, boxes


New integrations

Our SaaS apps family is growing! We’re happy to announce support for Box and Dropbox. If you’re an MDR for SaaS apps customer, you can now add these devices in Workbench. Interested in learning more about our SaaS app support? Pop over here.

Other fixes (and a few odds and ends)

  • The “Report Potential Phishing” button for our Managed Phishing customers wasn’t working in all instances. We’ve updated this.
  • A glitch was causing the vendor filter on the Security Device page to display things out of order. We prefer alphabetical, so we fixed it!
  • When remediations are marked complete post-incident, we highlight that success using a pie chart. Sometimes it wasn’t accurately reflecting all your work, so of course, we fixed it.
  • We had a runaway popover. Every time it saw a cursor, it got skittish and jumped out of the way.  While it was amusing to watch it dance … we fixed it.
  • Some of the variables we use to make our emails more dynamic were sneaking into the final template. This wasn’t helping us communicate clearly, so we fixed it.