Security checks

It’s time for spring cleaning and some security updates. We’ve added additional monitoring to help detect data retention failures. We’ve also added a new field on the Security Device tab. You can now enter in your login credentials for your security tech.

A couple of enhancements

  • We’ve added additional monitoring to our database to help us detect any future data retention failures.
  • We’ve added a new section to the Security Device tab that allows you to provide console login credentials for your security tech. To enter console login credentials, sign into Workbench as a Customer Admin, navigate to the Settings page, click the Security Devices tab, and add a new device or edit an existing one.

Other fixes (and a few odds and ends)

  • When a remediation action is completed, it will now display a “Completed” tag rather than the previously displayed “Closed” tag.
  • In the Investigation/Alert CSV Export, we noticed an offset that caused data to shift two columns to the right.
  • After uploading a file to the initial lead of a manual investigation, we noticed the file would be deleted after refreshing the page, so we fixed this issue.
  • We fixed an issue that was cutting off the Evidence Dump modal header.
  • We made styling improvements to our “Block known bad hashes” remediation action email.