Increase productivity


Remediation block hashes

More automated remediation actions.  You’re now able to set up a never-block list for bad hashes. Next time we’re investigating an incident, we’ll automatically block the hash, so you don’t have to. We don’t stop there…if we find a bad hash not on your list, we’ll go ahead and add it to your EDR’s block list.

Improved user notifications

Sure, a checkbox is simple but it makes customization a bit more difficult. We want you to get notifications about what you want, how you want. Tada! Introducing an improved configuration view for user notifications. You can now get a bit more granular when you want to receive a notification. Like only receiving a notification when an investigation is created, instead of every action around an investigation.

Onboarding updates

Onboarding shouldn’t take days or require a project plan. That’s why we have a team focused on making the process simple so you don’t lose productivity. New customers are now greeted with details on the service(s) your company has invested in and can select which technologies to onboard. You can even invite other colleagues if you don’t have the proper permission to onboard something yourself. From the start, you’ll know where to start.

Expel Managed Phishing updates

Phishing tailored to you

As part of our Managed Phishing service, we provide an outcome email to the user who submitted and your security team. You can now opt to include the original email (non-malicious, of course) as an attachment and include a timestamp or the original submission.

That’s not all … you can give the outcome emails a brand new look to match your brand (see what I did there? ) The header and footer of these emails is now customizable. You provide the HTML and we’ll do the rest of the work for you.  Let your engagement manager know if you’re interested in these new features.

Other enhancements

One click access to the support center

You’re now only a click away from the Expel support center.  Next time you’re looking for a document to help you get connected, set up users, or an FAQ you can do so through single sign-on.